Fictitious production technology

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One, the technology summarizes fictitious production technology (VirtualManufacturingTechnology, orVMT) it is a when 80 time later period puts forward and get developing quickly new idea. It is it is a foundation with emulation technology with virtual reality, to the design of the product, production the process is united build a model, on the computer implementation product is mixed from design, treatment assemble, examine, the simulation that uses whole lifecycle and emulate. Such, the product can go out to reach its with respect to imitate in the design phase of the product function and production process, the design quality that will optimize a product with this and production process, optimize manufacturing management and resource program, in order to achieve product development cycle and cost the smallest change, the optimization of products plan quality and manufacturing efficiency are highest change, form the market competition advantage of the enterprise thereby. · is fictitious production technology can differentiate by its function for: 1. The fictitious design technology of the product. The design of the principle that faces a product, structure and function, analysis, imitate and evaluation, it is a target in order to optimize the function of product itself, cost. 2. The fictitious production technology of the product. Face a product to make process simulation, examine and optimize, examine the producibility of the product, rationality that machines method and craft, it is a target in order to optimize the production cost of the workmanship process of the product, production quality that assures a product, production cycle and lowest. 3. Fictitious production system. The program that is emphasized at producing a course, organization management, resource attempers, content shedding, iformation flow build a model, emulate with optimize. Wait like center of dummy company, fictitious research and development. Fictitious production technology is CAPP of / of CAM of / of CAD / CAE and the higher level of emulation technology. Exploiting the virtual reality technology, emulation technology fictitious production environment that builds on the computer is one kind is close to people nature a kind of the activity " natural " environment, the vision of people, touch and hearing are as adjacent as real environment. People has the development of the product in such environments, can produce the imagination of technical personnel and creativity adequately, mutual cooperation develops collective wisdom, the quality that improves product development greatly and shorten development cycle. 2, the current situation and trend of domestic and international development are fictitious the development of production technology is above all headway is gained on the development that supports a technology in its, for example, virtual reality technology, emulation technology. Especially the close together union of a few unit technologies and manufacturing industry is ceaseless and thorough, made enormous contribution for its, more the further progress that promoted these technologies. In the meantime, the ceaseless maturity of the technology that prop up and unit technology and bigger and bigger effect is produced in manufacturing industry, the combination that also promoted fictitious production technology and compositive. But the opposite independent character as a result of each technology, of its unified feature model build, data is shared and exchange encountered enormous challenge. The compositive technology that is based on the standard such as IP of / of STEP, EDI, TCP is only development way. Although fictitious production technology just just puts forward at 80 time. But the rapid development as computer technology, what get people in 90 time is great take seriously and obtain rapid development. NEL of American country Bureau of Standards developed 1983 and put forward " fictitious production unit " report, with bigger flexible the function such as the analysis that finish, journey and scheduling, report and monitoring. 1989 of Masschusetts Institute of Technology " fictitious make " the report put forward fictitious make in product idea design and function the advantage of inchoate evaluation respect. The report that loved university of China of carry on one's shoulder 1993 " the fictitious environment of production technology " put forward to build support fictitious production environment, include fictitious production assessment system, assemble ordinal plan and imitate of material purify process and the technology such as process designing leaving a line. The report of Caspian university put forward CAM, CIM, CAPP, as fast as CAD / prototype, nimble make, flexible create the problem such as concerned producibility. Beautiful 1995 GB follows the report with technical institute " the notional design of stage of advanced production experiment plans the nation " , those who emphasize dispersing, bit knaggier dispersive and fictitious make (DVM) , namely the concept of dummy company, emphasize the combination of enterprise, government and university. The report of council of American country research " the IT in making " discussed a product control of design of compositive, course, workshop, fictitious factory the IT problem that wait. Beautiful 1997 GB follows the report with technical institute " the production system of use VRML builds a model " discussed virtual reality technology and the application on the network. Visible, the United States already from fictitious system of production environment and virtual reality technology, information, emulate and the research that the respect such as control, dummy company had a system and development, most and unit technology has entered experiment and perfect phase. For example, the lab of fictitious production technology of American Washington university develops use at design and production fictitious environment VEDAM, use at design and constructional fictitious environment to wait, had taken shape. But fictitious make as a whole system, still did not undertake comprehensive compositive. What should explain particularly is, dummy company (factory) the great attention that considers to get government and business circles in the United States, research is unusually active, become its to make one of main pillar of the technology adroitly. Europe also began research of fictitious production technology in succession for the center with the university, be like the fictitious workshop, research that builds model and simulation engineering to wait. Japan is in 60 - the economy of 70 time rises abruptly benefit from benefit from is advanced make the adoption with administrative technique. Japan also holds to its traditional characteristic to the research of fictitious production technology - take application seriously, basically have fictitious production system build model and the tectonic environment research of emulation technology and fictitious factory. Our country just just starts in the research of respect of fictitious production technology, its research is most also it is to those who undertake is in on CAM of former / of CAD / CAE and the foundation such as emulation technology, the academic research that basically is centered in fictitious production technology at present plans stage with executive technology, systematic research still is in abroad on the assimilation of fictitious production technology and the union with domestic environment. Because our country gets of the software of base of CAM of / of CAD / CAE, emulation software, technology that build a model restrict, block up the development of fictitious production technology. But these a few years, our country is fictitious production technology gets general attention, development is very rapid, development momentum is powerful, for example: The dispersive network that mechanical and scientific academy and collaboration of college of the university that be the same as aid, industry of Hong Kong grain have is made, different ground design and made the academic research that waits for a technology and practice activity had gained many headway; The research that Tsinghua university had software of fictitious design environment, virtual reality, fictitious machine tool, fictitious car trains the respect such as the system; Zhejiang university undertook workbench of technology of distributed virtual reality, VR, fictitious product is assembled wait for research; Xi'an is handed in undertook with northing long-range intelligence designs research in coordination greatly; The research of the fictitious design that place of place of machine tool of extremely big, Beijing, Dalian machine tool had a machine tool and axial machine tool; Northwest industry university had the research of fictitious prototype; Place of Electromechanical of Harbin Institute of Technology, Beijing, Shanghai hands in manage of big, Nanjing to be versed in the unit such as the university also had the research of this respect. According to not complete investigation count, the unit that home has fictitious production technology studies achieved 100, had obtained a few welcome progress. The research that waits for the respect such as unit technology in technology of the virtual reality technology, technology that build a model, emulation technology, network of IT, application is very active. But the deepness of the progress of research and research still attributes primary level, with international research the level still has very big difference, besides three-dimensional outside building a model to had had software of 4 kinds of business, other side has not formed industrialization. The research of our country is mixed at institution of higher learing centrally more a few academy place, what enterprise and company get involved is less. 3, " 15 " target and   of main research content 1. The target is fictitious production technology is each unit technologies what fall in virtual reality environment is organic and compositive, the fictitious design of the product is its core. Around move the design of the product undertakes all sorts of examining, imitate is emulated, analysis, evaluation and optimize. Accordingly, we suggest with fictitious design the technology is breach, take the lead in obtaining a breakthrough, enter as soon as possible practical. The unit technology of recombine other, form the belt of bibcock to move action, promote the development of fictitious production technology in the round thereby, the anticipation that achieves as follows target: Build a relatively good natural design to create an environment, the design that realizes a product, emulate, examine to be forecasted with function, raise products plan to produce quality thereby, reduce a design blemish, optimize production process, reduce cost and shorten development cycle, increase the market competition capacity of the enterprise; Apply in the round on 10 products. 2.   of main research content (1) the fictitious design environment of the product, the virtual reality environment that includes a product, fictitious assemble emulate with examination, prototype design and performance assessment, motion, interference examines, the layout design of the product, modelling design. The fictitious design of the product asks to build an environment of more perfect virtual reality soft hardware, in this environment, should realize an idea design, three-dimensional build model, fictitious assemble and all sorts of emulation and examine wait for a function. (2) unit technology. Include hot work of fictitious prototype and evaluation of product character of service, product (casting, forge, solder, heat) the process is emulated, product cold working (car, mill, grind, punch) the process is emulated, program of company production process, emulate with optimize, dummy company (dispersive network is made. (3) of unit technology compositive with fictitious production system. Of unit technology compositive with fictitious production system build, made a part design, emulate, the perfect system of examination, desired result and evaluation, can realize what the product built data, IT and resource to share with exchange, and the direct connection between technical personnel and the foundation that work in coordination, make the contemporary design such as compositive, information communication makes collateral project, manpower and technology the technology becomes a possibility. (4) dispersive network is made (dummy company) . Dummy company is the dynamic alliance that many own businesses rise by network and cooperative agreement connection, can produce respective advantage adequately, form powerful market competition ability jointly. (5) application sets an example. The application of the fictitious production technology that waits for 10 products through engine, mould and assessment, achieve practical, reliable, convenient goal, drive the application of whole and fictitious production technology and progress. Fictitious production technology basically is technology of a kind of software, of the hardware platform that forms besides the computer and other peripheral equipment outside building, of the development that basically is software, data collect and use research. Accordingly, plan to introduce the technical line that be as follows: Quicken Dai Xianshi of card, high frequency monitor, head by the computer, graph implement the hardware such as mouse of glove of glasses of tracker of HMD, position, light valve, data, 6D forms a top of a table virtual reality platform. It is a foundation by software of the three-dimensional CAD that build a model and database, with fictitious design the technology is core, emulate in order to move, process of interference and collision examination, treatment is emulated, prototype job is emulated with evaluation, production the process plans to emulate, resource allocation is emulated with optimize and stereo real time shows technical module is the unit such as analysis and computation prop up, build the software platform of fictitious design. Soft hardware platform makes a product the environment of fictitious design. Combine the product of the enterprise, if engine reachs a mould to wait, make application is assessed and be improved necessarily, so that perfect a system, set an example to popularize application further to build. CNC Milling