Emery wheel of diamond of grinding machine of numerical control tool is automatic nap and compensation method

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Dispatch of net of machine tool of Chinese numerical control: Full automatic the development of technology of numerical control grinding, to its equipment of form a complete set raised tall requirement. Those who regard form a complete set as one of technologies is online full automatic technology of emery wheel nap, must satisfy the need of craft of grinding of contemporary numerical control, make its side with high accuracy, exceed the stable, direction development that controls oneself completely. Diamond emery wheel is applied extensively in the hard alloy, pottery and porcelain, CBN treatment domain that exceeds hard data as efficient abrasive tool. The nap of diamond emery wheel and automatic compensation method decided full automatic the function of machine tool of numerical control grinding, decided the performance characteristics of emery wheel and service life greatly. Method of nap of emery wheel of diamond of   of   of principle of nap of diamond emery wheel is the main factor that affects performance of emery wheel grinding, the logical choice of nap method will affect the exterior quality of workpiece and grinding precision directly. Does at present method of commonly used nap of diamond emery wheel have: ? Know well knocks at ㄉ of Gua of black of ⒌ of  of Xiang Wu Pan abstruse in confused of  of Pan  ⒈ abstruse in  of  of Suan of Xiang of Pan  ⒌ treads spring confused of  of Yi of take along sth to sb of S of  of Pan of Wu of す of graph of idle Pan  abstruse medium ń of Pan  any of several hot spice plants lifts any of several hot spice plants of  of Lu  Pan. Is normally cent the nap that diamond emery wheel exceeds hard abrasive emery wheel this kind to diamond emery wheel two phase: ?  the Kingdom of Wei holds  of Yi Chi U in the palm to ask set fall from the sky Jia of  of コ of live abroad of health neon of Pi of  of sole of Xing of carapace of ⒘ of form of abstruse paper  and dark blue hold Zhao high abstruse value is wizard collect of abstruse value of ど of  V of Bi Jin of Ai of rice huller of disclose of second Peng Li loses eddy Wu Chun! When the actual nap of methodological     of emery wheel of bowl of nap of emery wheel of form of  C cup diamond, the geometrical relation between emery wheel of emery wheel of GC cup form and bowl diamond and athletic form are shown 1 times like the graph. Bowl diamond emery wheel and grinding of emery wheel of GC cup form take complete crisscross joint, turn with certain rotate speed respectively, the rotational linear velocity of nap annulus and emery wheel compares fixed position 8:1. Nap annulus is fixed, direction of axes of edge of diamond emery wheel makes nap feed, make emery wheel of form emery wheel and bowl diamond forms GC cup to go each other abrasive grinding. Those who pass end panel of two emery wheel is right grind, passivation of purify diamond emery wheel wears bead, form the space that hold bit, make new fighting spirit changes face of diamond emery wheel, achieve nap goal. Emery wheel nap is full automatic in controlling methodological     to be machined in grinding, of emery wheel wear away a condition is influence grinding quality main factor. To emery wheel condition undertakes real time is monitored in the whole process that grinding machine of tool of this numerical control can machine grinding in bit. What the basis processes bit dimension and data is different, the bulk that needs grinding purify and grinding time are different also. Consider each factors integratedly, set is automatic the interval of nap. Carry count of pair of frequency of razor blade of emery wheel grinding, real time compare the nap interval of its and systematic set. When the nap interval number that reachs set when grinding frequency, call nap module automatically in NC program, realize the automatic nap of emery wheel. Run safety to assure a machine tool, this control method still joined pair of emery wheel life and nap annulus the real time monitoring of life. Should detect only this second nap causes the likelihood emery wheel or nap annulus arrives at early-warning ply, the machine tool will issue alarm signal automatically, stop machine await artificial processing. If emery wheel is mixed,nap annulus all did not arrive call the police ply, criterion nap goes on wheels. After nap ends, pass data processing, output the compensation cost after emery wheel nap. The   of compensation method   of emery wheel nap is machined the consistency of work measure, depend on greatly the consistency of machining complex condition. Emery wheel by nap after one take second place, abrasive ply decreases, emery wheel end panel arrives appointed demarcate position to produce change, this causes the change of condition of whole machining complex, also be met produce change by the dimension of treatment workpiece, cannot assure size consistency. Accordingly, appear to the compensation after emery wheel nap particularly important. Analyse the process of emery wheel nap, it is two grind provided mutual grinding, not only ply of emery wheel abrasive can be reduced, the abrasive ply of nap annulus also can decrease, it is the result of an integrated action. Accordingly, use the method of the experiment for many times, determined the compensation method of emery wheel nap. Because the hardness of diamond emery wheel and wearability are far,be more than nap of GC cup form annulus. Can foreknow, be in in nap process, ply of abrasive of reductive of diamond emery wheel is far be less than ply of abrasive of nap annulus reductive. If the graph is shown 4 times, buy of nap position of wheel is fixed, direction of feed of edge of the emery wheel when nap is ongoing quantity of a nap, as a result of mutual grinding action, emery wheel is mixed nap annulus ply decreases at the same time. Is the relation between them: ? Nap of decrement of emery wheel of Pan  ? annulus decrement. Be machined to assure the size consistency of workpiece, after should compensating nap the decrement of emery wheel. Data of actual nap test makes clear, nap quantity is 0.

When 03mm, emery wheel reduces small amount for 0.

0015mm, nap annulus reduces small amount for 0.

0275mm. Method of automata of nap of this emery wheel of epilogue     and compensation method, the tool that has developed in the project gets applied actually on grinder. Through long uninterrupted try continuously grind, the size consistency control of workpiece of treatment of machine tool place is in less than of 5 μ M, the practical effect of this method gets test and verify. (original title: Emery wheel of diamond of grinding machine of numerical control tool is automatic nap and compensation method) CNC Milling