La Zhi Fette but hob of dislocation hard alloy

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As machinist job and green the sources of energy (wind-force generates electricity) flying development, the gear that serves as drive disk assembly appears particularly important. Ask to the treatment of gear it has exact geometrical figure not only, and need it to have high rate, efficient. Limited company of processing technique of metal of Nanjing blue banner will be in CIMT exhibition E2-C114 was exhibited 2009, reveal for you a kind of high speed, efficient but hob of cutting of burden of dislocation hard alloy. This is modulus of a kind of treatment the hob of the special economy of 5 above gear. Can say it is the revolution of rolling cut technology. Designing conception is use economy but the union of razor blade of dislocation hard alloy and well-known rolling cut dominant position, inside formulary time, a large number of metals can be excised below tall cutting speed. Be ground again and again coating to traditional hob it is indispensible, and not was necessary here. Saved long wear to be mixed originally greatly the time that change a knife, this will reduce the investment of the machine tool, reduce the construction of workshop thereby, save many cost for the user truly. On individual tooth wear away trace because of the process different. To gear, they can come true partly through shift be equal. Because this should be used but when dislocation razor blade, these razor blade are in achieved the biggest wear away to be rotated when trace width or be replaced. Change dislocation razor blade or knife, need not come down hob from the discharge on the machine tool, saved the time that need worker worker so. To use this kind of hob successfully, requirement machine tool has enough good tigidity and want rotate speed and drive power. Phenanthrene is special but the structure of hob of razor blade of dislocation hard alloy includes system of a hob, in secure with bolt above it on knife and but razor blade of dislocation hard alloy, use a closed circuit to close next, among them knife secure through impaction bolt in blade holder, there is groove of a helix on columnar cutter hub, groovy flank undertook grinding according to the guiding of cutter hub, this always maintains via grinding part of the garden outside the cylinder that make between two groove, to the knife having bearing effect. Knife go up to sell the decision below the guiding in groove through two cylinder its position. Knife it is to pass bolt to secure go up in cutter hub. The blade holder of razor blade of dislocation hard alloy is made on cutter hub tangential installation. In the knife go up, crisscross arranges blade holder, the counterforce that this utility is the axial that maintains action to go up in cutter hub and what go up in gear is tangential force as far as possible small. But razor blade of dislocation hard alloy must enclothe cutting tool cutting completely, but the amount of dislocation razor blade distributings with theirs depend on the dimension of the dimension of bit and gear. To give scrape or grinding first-rate obligate the amount, hob of hard alloy of dislocation razor blade can produce a root to cut namely on gear or can pour wine cup. Pass the understanding that to its the structure designs, you are known knowingly, this but hob of dislocation hard alloy is the high speed of course of study of contemporary gear cutting, ideal of efficient, economy cutting tool. CNC Milling