Improve the manufacturing efficiency of hard turning

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Be aimed at the treatment of horniness material surface, people uses hard turning craft already increasingly to replace grinding. In relevant cutting tool aspect, cubic nitrogen changes boron (CBN) be proved to be best cutting material, can reach the exterior mass of Ra<2 μ M. One kind new but the appearance of dislocation razor blade can make feed raises one times. People is higher and higher to the requirement of the service life of the component and quality, accordingly, the sclerotic processing of workpiece surface begins to be paid close attention to. This makes company of a lot of treatment must have the treatment of high level increasingly to horniness surface. Previously, the craft of treatment first selection that is aimed at component of this kind of horniness is grinding, but the consideration that stems from symmetrical to rotating surface to undertake low cost is machined be mixinged neatly at present, must want to choose hard turning to machine means. Situation of a lot of production has stable lathe now, below true condition, these lathe also can be used at hard turning treatment. From this, need not invest many capital, what can realize pair of size range of pipe bent is patulous, make response to designing new requirement of the branch. Crucial is to should use correct cutting tool and accurate cutting data. The Xcel geometry external form that processes technically in the light of hard turning only CBN heat-resisting function is in the most by force the iron that cutting induction quenchs is qualitative when material, want to reach the mass of high quality surface of Ra<2 μ M, cubic nitrogen changes boron (CBN) be confirmed to be a kind of best cutting material. CBN has very strong heat-resisting character, its edge brim can be able to bear or endure to suffer 1000 ℃ and do not produce damage. Usually, 120 ~ are achieved in turning speed when 200m/min, can appear normally the circumstance of this kind of high temperature. Sandvik Coromant company can provide specification of all sorts of different the crucial point optimize nitrogen to turn boracic material -- achieve technology of new-style efficient dislocation razor blade especially, special apply to first turning and turning of essence of life. Horny radius is differentiated to be 5 radius inside limits of ISO public errand, the radius from the back can assume the function that essence of life grinds, can achieve from this but the effect of dislocation. This is in ensure the condition of same exterior quality falls, can realize times doubler feed; Perhaps be inside same handling time, achieve higher exterior quality, because this can improve manufacturing efficiency greatly. WH and WG are the appearance of two kinds of dislocation that optimizes technically for hard turning exercise, it can realize radial about 0.

The cutting deepness of 1mm and 0.

The feed of 3mm less than. When F=0.

When 3mm, exterior Rz value can be achieved be less than 6.

3 μ M. The newest development of Sandvik Coromant company inside this domain is Xcel geometry appearance, it can come true the biggest 0.

The feed of 4mm, at the same time Rz value still is less than 6.

3 μ M. If ask to compare tall word to exterior quality, can reduce feed accordingly: When using WG external form, when Ra=0.

3 μ M, criterion 0.

15mm is typical feed. With before cutting numerical value is compared, handling time can decrease at most 50% , from this OK and great improve manufacturing efficiency. The bit of CB7025 series CBN that improves intensity place design through horn of tooth form knife is used at treatment to quench steel (58 ~ 65HRC) the hard turning of abrupt section. The key that efficiency improves depends on wearing away to be able to accuse and contain the fine grained CBN of horn of tooth form knife, compare with traditional CBN modelling photograph, horn of tooth form knife is far from hot cutting area, because this can achieve higher intensity,provide higher security. This kind of character holds card through higher cutting rate and one-time workpiece and achieve more reliable treatment result, do not reduce the exterior quality of a requirement. CB7025 is choosing dislocation knife a short while to be able to be obtained in great quantities, offers CB7025 can have appearance of two kinds of geometry, its radius configures already patent application: The WH that is aimed at quality of very fast face and inferior cutting force and to achieve very tall feed speed is mixed optimize thick abrade and careless WG. CNC Milling