How to increase the stability of system of numerical control of vertical machining center

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Dispatch of net of machine tool of Chinese numerical control: Vertical machining center already became relatively general one class number to control device in machining industry, from at present product of machining center of domestic and international vertical looks, besides the mechanical workmanship that excludes equipment and precision, on the numerical control system that differentiates the greatest place to still depend on different manufacturer, the performance of numerical control system of each manufacturer is uneven, especially a few do not have a system for development and the manufacturer that maintain ability, its equipment transplants outside buy a system to often be put in bigger question on use stability, raise the method of stability of numerical control system. Hope to get an user draw lessons from with reference! Incorporate is as follows: 1.

Civil old hard disk: Take machinery to rotate medium, high speed rotates bring about calorific, shake cause hard disk damage, easy feeling catch a disease is poisonous, instability is very tall. 2.

Software inserts complementary operation and Windows system: Windows system is not real time operating system, apply to an OA, but control of the numerical control when applying to industrial fact, have cut interpolation operation when use software of numerical control system especially when, once handlers undertakes in place of cut inflection point decelerate is operated adding, can bring about cut process to interrupt instantly. 3.

Tall advocate frequency CPU is tall advocate frequency CPU comes loose quantity of heat is big, must use fan, often bring about overheat of numerical control system in the summer. 4.

Civil fan is civil fan moves in the abominable industry environment such as dust high temperature, wear away necessarily ageing, service life is very finite. Once fan damages, bring about necessarily CPU and advocate board attaint. Above is the element that causes numerical control system to be not stabilized, how to overcome not stable element, water day raises the following proposal to you: 1.

Hardware axis blocks interpolation operation to block interpolation operation to replace software interpolation operation through hardware axis, make interpolation operation is in computer ground floor undertakes on axial card namely, do not use Windows system, do not need tall advocate frequency CPU. 2.

Avoid CPU of level of fan, low power comsumption, industry to use the CPU of low power comsumption that does not bring fan, not only CPU is calorific low, and the instability that eliminates fan, increase the stability of numerical control system effectively. 3.

DOS operating system uses the DOS operating system of only job only course, through hardware motion controls axial card to implement cut of real time numerical control, avoid much progress of Windows much job to bring about cut to break dead machine, adopt system of numerical control of use Wei Hong " one key type " automatic cut craft replaces handiwork to operate cut way. CNC Milling