Bearing of grinder of numerical control vertical machines software to be born in made of baked clay axis

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This year, a kind the name is " bearing of grinder of numerical control vertical machines software " was born. It optimized man-machine interaction interface, improved work efficiency and product quality, fill the blank that intelligence of this kind of domestic software changes. The development developer of this one software, what cover with tiles Shuang Hong of intermediate of technician of electric worker of axial group company, senior worker reachs him just about is prentice people. Be in company of group of made of baked clay axis, zhong Shuanghong's name and technical difficult problem are together repeatedly closely. Every time machine tool electric or numerical control system appears " difficulty miscellaneous disease " when, what people thinks of above all is Zhong Shuanghong, and he shows up every time, difficult problem with respect to be readily solved. Come for years, his footmark pervaded the every cent factory of group of made of baked clay axis and manufacturing workshop, where to have difficult problem, he appears where. He also gets a name accordingly " the doctor in charge of a case of modern equipment " . Come nearly ten years, he transforms equipment early or late many 60, project of innovation of the technology that finish 210 multinomial, equipment of rush to repair a certain number of stages second, managing capital many yuan 1000, body produces the economic value of the respect to amount to 10 thousand yuan thousands of now. CNC Milling