Golden movement JG

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Recently, lorry of a Wo Erwo slowly sail entered garden of Jin Yunji smooth industry, used time a long time fully, what produce golden movement to this day eventually is the biggest a laser cuts bed JG into parts, 2500mmx5500mm) of 250550(treatment width of cloth " please " got on a car, and right now, a China and foreign countries that is located in Jiang Zhe is joint-stock the home spins a business already be on the tiptoe of expectation. If want to tell about the origin of this type, that can get restrospect to the Dongguan international March 2006 makes the garment exhibit. Because gold carries each technology has public praise quite in industry, accordingly, when the first cuts bed JG-160300 into parts to appear in Dongguan, the attention that because its are beautiful,atmospheric appearance and perfect functional configuration drew numerous clothing manufacturer. As the technology upgrade stage by stage, and cooperate with the success of much home company, the laser with the older width of cloth such as 2500mmx3000mm, more superior performance cuts a bed into parts to come out in succession, especially this JG-250550 that exceeds old width of cloth, it is the application that checks laser the bed elevated new science and technology the level more. This laser cuts a bed into parts to have all characteristics of machine of general Laser Cutting, can cut out big batch production and individuation be united in wedlock, collect plot, revise, cut out function at an organic whole, not only leave out trival working procedure, it is twice improved manufacturing efficiency more, realized the act according to actual circumstances on industrialized product line. Besides the dominant position with batch production, large width of cloth, this type treatment to special type fabrics, be in especially without seam sticking is irreplaceable more on received expression, seam things of gauze of underwear fabrics, swimsuit, ski suit, marriage, guard and home to spin the cut of fabrics to notting have for instance, it is very much other cut out equipment cannot is likened to. Cite a simple case, with respect to the joining together that takes garment bag, this one working procedure is in traditional operation pattern use handiwork or be the implementation that cut a knife into parts, and this one pattern is the oldest defect is to cut into parts piece edge of coarse, beard and size are differ, and in this treatment craft in high-grade dress and special fabrics, satisfy high quality treatment requirement very hard. Want to let product quality go up again new chance to extricateoneself from an awkward position, must seek new cut technology, laser cuts the occurrence of the bed into parts, agreed with trade demand successfully. Because use laser to be not treatment principle of the contact, and power volume is adjustable, because this is in treatment process, any fabrics won't appear beard edge and brown state, below the shelter of numerical control technology, the occurrence that need not fear irregular is tasted more, this also assured to stick well the level that accepts working procedure, beautiful and without seam the effect. The domain is spun in the home, the cloth that spins line of business as a result of the home is old width of cloth, the smallest width is in 1. 6 meters of above, this waits for a respect to be opposite in balance, stable, function undoubtedly the integral construction that reduces a bed raised taller requirement. And these say to Jin Yunlai is not a problem, gold carries the machinery of banner whole world and smooth road are designed, won the affirmation of the user already. For instance: The motion with this unique equipment controls software, made sure motion of laser head high speed is flexible treatment has not had phenomenon of strong, lag; Software cooperates dress CAD to be able to design output immediately, to the design of cut machine width of cloth is being exceeded after composing, also can divide automatic and successive output, implementation turns production automatically continuously; This equipment still is chosen deserve to photograph scanning of irregular to old width of cloth like the head graph to get skeleton map look, discharge cut of edition fixed position next; Besides, laser cuts a bed into parts to still can cooperate multilayer and automatic send makings unit, undertake successive and multilayer cut treatment, batch production; Environmental protection is enclosed design, function of the gas that take a platoon is perfect, also avoided to produce pollution, facilitate safeguard. CNC Milling