The sine transducer application on main shaft of numerical control machine tool

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1. Foreword number controls a machine tool, machine tool of abbreviation numerical control (NC, numerical Control) , it is the Electromechanical unifinication product that will 30 years apply the multinomial technology such as market mechanism, electric, hydraulic pressure, pneumatic, microelectronics and information integratedly to be an organic whole, high accuracy, efficient, tall automation and Gao Rou sex are had to change in mechanical production equipment wait for an advantage. The technical level discretion of numerical control machine tool reachs his to machine machine tool crop and the percent that always have an amount in metallic cutting, it is to measure progress of economy of countryman of a country and industry to make one of important marks of integral level. Limited company of machinery of stage abundant numerical control is one machinery of joint-stock and professional numerical control makes the stand in the home enterprise, the numerical control equipment that its produce is having wide application in a lot of domains, so this company machine tool uses entrance transducer entirely, now already phase in sine 303 series transducer. The article basically introduces sine 303 series transducer is in this company the application on the TFDC7060 machine tool, TFDC500 machine tool, machine tool such as TFDC650: Lathe of this numerical control applies to the treatment of sculpture mould course of study, plastic mould course of study, shoemaking course of study, tabulation course of study, glasses course of study, hardware industry, brand course of study, toy industry, handicraft course of study to wait, can realize end panel, outside round, grooving, inside taper of aperture, circular arc, aleatoric angle the turning that wait. Part of this lathe main shaft uses sine 303 series transducer. SINE303 series transducer finishs control of drive of main shaft of numerical control lathe easily. 2. Characteristic of SINE303 series transducer: 1 ) . Vector of closed circuit of directional electric current dominates magnetic field, electric machinery variable solves Ou completely. 2) . Use American TI firm newest money is high-powered 32 electric machinery control special DSP, high speed, accurate finish complex control algorithm, product of domestic head home turns application. 3) . Torsion starts to be able to achieve 150% rated output when 0 HZ, of lathe of completely contented numerical control demand, ensure the machine tool is in low speed heavy cut from time to tome powerful cutting force. 4) . Electric machinery parameter differentiates automatically function, online identifying electric machinery parameter, assure systematic stability and accuracy. 5) . Timing scope 0 ~ 600.

00Hz satisfies the high frequency requirement of numerical control lathe completely. 6) . Dog automatically to change ladenly and voluntary limit exports electricity, make its do not exceed value of permission the biggest electric current. Although load is choppy, fast,add decelerate, transducer also has not happened to flow, the breakdown such as short circuit, realize the high-powered, high reliability that transducer configures. High speed stops fast stability is answered when machine. 3. Transducer hookup 4. Parameter set: 5. Debug result fact to prove to introduce SINE303 series high-powered vector transducer can satisfy pilot of machine tool main shaft completely to ask. The banner magnetic flux that SINE303 uses is algorithmic, although be in low rotate speed (low frequency) move fall to also can output the torsion of 150% smoothly, in order to satisfy the treatment need of different spare parts, can replace structure of traditional scroll bearing main shaft completely, and structure of this main shaft is simple, compact, OK the stepless speed regulation with true implementation. The rotate speed of this main shaft measures signal to control output frequency by exterior imitate, craft machines in what differ (be like: Rough machining, finish machining) the rotate speed with different need, the imitate that can differ by output of numerical control system right now measures voltage signal to give transducer, realize different rotate speed, open at the same time stop signal to also be controlled by numerical control system, improved the automation degree, service life that prolonged cutting tool. 6. Main shaft of machine tool of last word numerical control uses vector of brand of communication servo, entrance to control transducer and frequency conversion commonly special electric machinery, purchase cost very tall; SINE303 series transducer with its distinctive function (the electric current that start small, timing scope of flowing, timing is big, energy-saving environmental protection, moving stability, precision torsion of tall, low frequency function of big, protection tall, operation safeguards all ready, dependability handy etc) compare with superior sexual value, rise abruptly quickly on the application of numerical control machine tool. CNC Milling