The numerical control of XB4450 milling machine is transformed

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The 1 profile modeling milling machine that transforming reason XB4450 milling machine is production of factory of Kunming machine tool. Its are basic parameter is: 900mm of length of the biggest milling, 500mm of width of the biggest milling, 350mm of height of the biggest milling. Because this milling machine is long the job, equipment ageing, mechanical drive error is big, cause precision not tall, rate is slow; Only axle control, circuit is complex, the operation is trival, performance is not steady, and efficiency is low. Develop to get used to modern production industry, reasonable use resource, undertook is as follows transforming. 2 electric parts transform the numerical control system after transforming is by inside and outside two positions annulus is comprised. Among them in-house closed circuit is corner position closed circuit, detecting element codes to install the photoelectricity on electric machinery axis dish, actuating device is communication servo electric machinery (replace electric machinery of original dc of pilot of silicon controlled rectifier) , formed an input to be Qi thereby, output those who be Q0 to follow use a system. Because coder resolution is higher, feedback uses digital pulse servo, the part uses double pulse to input control, interference rejection capability is so strong. Core performance is steady, transform together open loop control is compared before, rotate precision rises apparently. External position annulus adopts resolution for 0.

05µm grating feet regards displacement of the lines as detecting element, get the displacement information of workbench of the machine tool in treatment directly. Generation number pulse conveys the computer, make full closed-loop control, make the machine tool locates precision gets assuring. Corner of less than annulus follows the workbench of actuating device drive that uses a system to move, the displacement precision of workbench is decided by detecting element of displacement of the lines. Use double closed-loop control not only the place that has system of complete closed circuit controls precision, and the precision stability that has full closed-loop control, the response that assured a machine tool effectively speed and treatment precision. Graph 1 stability analysis does not include space as a result of in-house corner closed circuit nonlinear link, because this adopts reasonable design this local and linear system, can make its are become follow quickly without what exceed tone use a system, its are dynamic and characteristic in can expressing to be Q0(S)/qi(S)=Kq/(TqS+1) type approximately: Kq -- Tq of gain of corner closed circuit -- although outer shroud of system of constant of time of corner closed circuit was included nonlinear link, but design controller makes Gp(S)=Kp/S type medium Kp -- integral link time is invariable the system corrective for gain of system of Ⅰ logical choice, the frequency character curve that can prevent a system and nonlinear of link negative pour a curve to intersect or surround its, make sure the system stabilizes the job thereby. Become apparently when Tq is lesser, q0(S)/qi(S)=K0, the system will have stronger stability. Follow error analysis uses afore-mentioned plan to be able to make sure the system stabilizes the job, accordingly but oversight is nonlinear the influence of factor, when the transfer function system that demands this system is designed, make feedback coefficient Kf=1, the type on passageway of make a present of explains before, the dynamic property that system of double closed circuit has ideal and follow precision. With processing of PLC of 3 water chestnut complex circuit logic concerns, make circuit simplifies, performance is steady, safeguard convenient. Additional, machine the requirement of different material to make the machine tool can be satisfied, main shaft uses transducer to have stepless speed regulation, make sure circumstance of change of main shaft rate falls, torsion change is little. 1.

Electric machinery 2, 13.

Bolt 3.

Bearing 4, 9.

Nut 5.

Synchronous belt 6, 8 go up to be covered closely 7.

Synchronous gear 10.

Bearing 11.

Outside spacer 12.

Inside spacer 14.

Impaction flange 15.

Ball silk lever pursues 23 machinery are transformed partly above all, x, Y, Z three direction procrastinate board gear gear-box is torn open go need not, electric machinery passes leather belt annulus, synchronous belt to drive ball guide screw directly, drive thereby procrastinate board mobile. Because this is mechanical the structure is more simple, reduced transmission error. It is with the structure of Z direction below exemple, explain its are new structure. Z axis electric machinery asks to install the lower part in the machine tool according to the client. Its join the method is shown 2 times like the graph. Leather belt annulus 7 secure through going up to be covered closely go up in electric machinery axis, it drives belt annulus through leather belt 8, belt annulus 8 secure with ball guide screw through going up to be covered closely (ball guide screw uses one aspect of the matter to secure, the fixed means) of means of float of one aspect of the matter, drive Z to procrastinate board litre fall motion. Going up to cover an orgnaization closely among them is means of a kind of when in last few years development rises new-style join that do not have key, than having key join assures precision more easily, install more easily, its structure, dimension has been standardized. 4 transform a result to be mirrorred according to the client, transform stability of function of the following milling machine, treatment precision is tall. This machine tool uses 3 axes linkage, to more complex mould curved surface, abnormity workpiece all can be machined automatically, and operation rate is rapid, fixed position precision is good, price performance is compared tall, got used to the need of modern manufacturing industry. CNC Milling