Fei Erman PICOMAX 75: What 3 axes machine to 5 axes nicety is brand-new solution

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FEHLMANN PICOMAX 75, swiss major is made, with high accuracy, efficient with outstanding man-machine interface celebrated. The machine tool can realize high accuracy 5 axes milling, also can install clip to undertake 3 axes are machined directly on workbench at the same time. The linear slideway of the machine tool construction that stiffness optimizes, large size, blow grind craft assures feet of grating of nicety of geometrical precision, each axis, these character made sure the machine tool is had " the quality like coordinate boring machine " . PICOMAX 75 deploys the electric main shaft that FEHLMANN develops independently, vibration is low, assure first-rate surface quality and the longest cutting tool life. Library of knife of chain of new fund high capacity, can accommodate 50 to 80 knives, fast manipulator changes a knife, although be in treatment process, also can change through door of ahead knife library cutting tool. The sources of energy optimizes design and energy-saving design to be able to reduce use cost. Driving unit can be shut automatically when leisure with energy-saving, technology of drive of total number word realizes tall trends and tall productivity. The machine tool deserves to newest Heidenhain ITNC530 controls a system, operate easily. In addition, the machine tool can add at any time automation system, realize unmanned value to defend an operation, suit big, small lot and sheet production. The machine tool can deploy different tray system freely, and of area of not cloggy treatment can reach a gender. PICOMAX 75: The first selection that quality of high accuracy, fast face machines! CNC Milling