Demit of congratulate of Xu labour New Year: Exhibit letter attempt annals to build new Xu Gong in all

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Faculty people: New Year is good! The law answers spring scenery gradually, every phenomenon only then update. 2005 what left to pay arduous sweat and wisdom, we were greeted red-blooded 2006 with the hope. During coming at the 10 or 20 days following Lunar New Year's Day, we to effort enterprising is mixed all cadre employee of assiduous job, to the broad user that gives Xu Gong long-term and genuine reliance, to the social all circles that pays close attention to Xu Gong to develop all the time, to the faculty family member that dedicates silently for Xu Gong, pay deep gratitude and cordial blessing! World sequential often is changed easily, happy event look today many uncommon. In 5 years of in the past, we witnessed the harships travel at double speed of Chinese project machine, clinging act vigorously to enter jointly. Answer the footmark that looks at back, metropolis heart lays every Xu worker deep feeling. "15 " during roiling on with full force of industry of machinery of our country project, free and easy rises and fall, development experienced the industry to pick up, hot to fall after a rise, adjustment process, entire industry sales revenue 56 billion yuan from 2001, growth goes to 110 billion yuan of 2005. Xu is versed in the group also captures good luck compose to give brilliant one page, 17.3 billion yuan when business income rises to 2005 by 6 billion yuan of 2001, product sales revenue from 52.

500 million yuan of growth go to 13.1 billion yuan, "Xu Gong " the first brand that makes trade of Chinese project machine. Between a snap of the fingers, chun Quchun is answered, busy already went gradually 2005 gradually far. In this year, xu industry group overcomes a country the influence of a lot of and adverse element with macroscopical adjusting control and fatigued and weak market, the market with straight harsh face is challenged, hold to the way that the brand develops, make business economic benefits grows steadily, asset quality rises considerably, consolidated standing of soldiers of domestic industry file leader; In this year, xu is versed in reform of property right system gains materiality headway, introduce strategic investor to undertake property right system reforms those who get broad worker to support, also get the affirmation of ranking leader and support; In this year, company " two exceed two to charge 4 competition " great achievements happy a knot, xu is versed in outstanding achievement of competition ability of heavy-duty and comprehensive promotion innovates again tall, give somebody a new lease on life of conformity of ability of Xu engineering course, thin body unifinication is run preliminary finish, exit of implementation of company of imports and exports is achieved collect exceed 100 million dollars to close greatly first, try to overtake each other in friendly emulation of corporation of each 2 form, advance side by side- do two or more things at once, also obtained uncommon outstanding achievement inside respective domain; In this year, effect of innovation of company own technology is distinct, the high-grade product of a variety of own research and development leads an industry to develop tide, the industry precedes test research center of the level and lab construction already were started in the round; Brand construction and culture construction achievement striking, the company is obtained " the own brand company that China creates an industry to provide growing power most " title, "Xu Gong " with 80.

600 million yuan make Chinese project machine the industry is the most valuable brand... the backbone that feel no regret of   Xu worker lives for the enterprise and develops and back. Face the pressure with market cruelty competition and more and more formidable opponent of person of the same trade, gram of Xu worker assault fortified positions is difficult, work conscientiously, obtained delectable result on respective post. The person that we want to thank those to face the management that market competition breaks through tight encirclement and total heart throws, excelsior the generator of a gleam of that abandons small home to consider authority, take the trials of a long journey the sale service personnel that everything is Xugong honor to approach work and study search the personnel of scientific research technology that whetstone annals innovates, their persistence and those who pay the Xu worker mind that already made a kind of new era is indicative. These made a person glad prove with the achievement of hearten 2005: The strategy of the company is clear, fixed position is accurate, decision-making it is correct, the quality of employee is top-ranking. Pass these grade, we saw a Xu Gong that is full of opportunity of survival and vigor. 2006, it is to carry out " 915 " of a bureau of the program year, also be the key that Xu Gong realizes new development on higher starting point year. There is opportunity already before us, also have difficulty and challenge. Seize opportunity, meet a challenge, it is our only alternative. A new year, we are essential close around economic benefits this core, advance Xu actively to be versed in mechanical property right is reformed, build brand-new development environment; Want positive change interior to manage a mechanism, improve operation quality, efficiency and beneficial result, accomplish the strategy truly reasonable, organization efficient, system perfect, flow is smooth, personnel is keen-witted and capable; Want to continue to perfect exit to support a system, advance internationalization process energetically, extend more capacious exit channel and market; Want to perfect technical innovation system actively, tackle major innovation project, promote own innovation capability in the round; Want aggrandizement group platform to build, enhance the control power of the company, promote each enterprise to develop progress; Want innovation party to establish new method, deepen company culture construction, strengthen management team construction and talent education, improve employee whole quality in the round, offer strong assurance to complete each work. Blue print draw, just when hoist the sails,defeat billow; Shoulder heavy responsibilities, more the Ma Jiabian that need strategy. Bear the weight of the joyance of New Year, the sunshine of bath spring day, we are taking new longing and hope. The Xu Gong henceforth will be a brand-new Xu Gong, brand-new Xu Gong will provide brand-new stage for faculty. Believe Xu Gong changes through management, rely on outstanding company culture, rely on elite of Xu industry millions of people, change through carrying out modern, brand, the development strategy of internationalization, can greet surely more brilliant tomorrow! Finally, wish everybody the 10 or 20 days following Lunar New Year's Day is happy, healthy, joy of the whole family, good luck! CNC Milling