The technical characteristic brief introduction of system of numerical control of 3 water chestnut

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Automation of electric machinery of 3 water chestnut devotes oneself to to be a client to control etc in industrial automation, electric power all the time professional product equipment and solution are offerred on relevant business, the product is applied extensively at the many domains such as mechanical, metallurgy, electric power. The technical characteristic   of system of numerical control of 3 water chestnut 1.

M64A/M64SMCNC controller standard deployed RISC64 CPU (compare with M64 photograph, integral function rose 1.

5 times) ; Function of high speed high accuracy is corresponding, suit mould treatment particularly; 12 corresponding whole world is main and general kinds of multilateral languages hide to operate an interface inside; But network of corresponding and embedded aether and IC card interface; Tibetan weaveform displays a function inside, work place coordinate and center measure a function; Buffer correction function is patulous: But corresponding IC gets stuck / computer link B/DNC/ is remembered / the mode such as MDI; Software of program of dialog of simple and easy type (the Magicpro-NAVIMILL dialog program that use APLC place develops) ; But corresponding Windows95/98/2000/NT4.

The PLC of 0/Me develops software; Special G code and fixed loop program, be like G12/13, G34/35/36, G37.

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EZMotion-NCE60   is embedded the system of high-powered numerical control of 64 CPU, use controller and monitor unifinication design, realized subminiaturization; Servo is used thin model servo electric machinery and high resolution coder (131, 072 pulse / turn) , increment / very form is corresponding; Choose the control software of lathe or milling machine by parameter, simplify maintenance and inventory; All software function is standard configuration; The standard is had imitate outputted interface at 1 o'clock, in order to controls transducer main shaft; Can use MELSEC of electric machinery of 3 water chestnut to develop software GX-Developer, simplify the development that PLC echelon pursues; Can use new-style the series of servo driver MDS-R of 2 axes an organic whole, reduce installation space; Develop servo self-correcting software, save the labor power that debugs time and technology to assist. 3.

MELDASC6   satisfies product line component to machine a requirement, raised dependability, shortened breakdown time; Corresponding networks of a variety of FA of 3 water chestnut: Net of MELSECNET/10, aether and CC-link, came true to have the data news report of high speed, high capacity with the speed of 10M/100Mbps, improve the treatment efficiency of product line further; PLC function aggrandizement hides inside NC: GX-Developer correspondence; Instruction sort is contented; Many PLC program moves at the same time; Program of the PLC in moving is revised; Configuration of signal of interface of much system PLC; Private plane uses PLC instruction extension: Added statement of ATC, ROT, TSRH, DDBA, DDBS, simplified PLC programming; Aggrandizement of numerical control function, much axis, much system is corresponding. CNC Milling