Plate expects laser does not have the current situation that modular figuration technology studies

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Plate expects laser does not have modular figuration is a kind advanced and flexible production technology, it includes figuration of laser thermal stress, laser to pound figuration 2 kinds of methods, the article introduces the current situation that they study, mechanism, characteristic respectively, also point out its put the issue that be in at the same time. Foreword plate expects the research of figuration technology is the heat that domestic scholar studies all the time, its traditional method uses mould treatment to undertake Leng Chong presses figuration, the characteristic that although produce efficiency to be mixed high,large quantities of quantities produce, but time of existence production preparation is long, treatment is flexible poor, mould charge is advanced and insufficient, and apply to the laminose material such as mild steel only. Product of modern manufacturing industry answers the demand of the market quickly, raised new requirement to the method of plank figuration, for this domestic and international the research: of the new technology that a lot of scholars devote oneself to board makings figuration? Commission lament angries  of Shang Wei  only ⑷ of  of Shang Wei of ǔ of award  of Shang Wei of Qu of Bin of pedal of  of  of Shang Wei of  ソ  > be ignorant of some basks in joyous ǖ ⌒ of fat travel of  K widow appears A β only then border of す Hun Ku, intense temperature gradient arises inside hot action area, cause exceed material to succumb ultimate thermal stress, make board makings implementation thermoplastic be out of shape. Of its job principle if pursue,1 is shown. Graph Nextpage 1985 of sketch map of figuration of 1 laser thermal stress year, japanese scholar Y.

Namba published one article of Laser Fonning InSpace, be opposite thermal stress of board makings laser curves figuration on the foundation of initial test and research, offerred a bold tentative plan, curve figuration technology compose to build space station with laser namely. Y.

The bizarre conception of Namba, caused academia to curve figuration to take seriously of board makings highly to laser.

Be in early actually 1979, germany registers to curve figuration technology about laser with respect to somebody the patent that preliminary applying, but regretful is the attention that did not cause people all the time. Y.

The bold conception of Namba makes people realises laser curves the wide application foreground of figuration, began to have systematic research to this technology. As the research of early days, 1987, y.

Namba also published the paper that about metal and alloy board makings laser curves figuration another to consider, had the research of general experimental sex. 80 time end, the United States studies the group already used this technology at shipbuilding industry, successfully figuration ply is 24.

The H of the institute of technology of hull Poland foundation of 5mm.

Professor Frackiewicz uses figuration of laser thermal stress to already was made early or late gave canister look, globose, wrap around grain canal and the enlarge opening that the metal provides shrink the mouth, its study achievement already was in the United States, Japan, Europe in all body filed technical patent. German scholar M.

Geiger and F.

The laser of the leader such as Vollertsten studies the group curved figuration respect to gain very great success in laser thermal stress, they not only research metabolic mechanism, the respect such as imitate of figuration process numerical value and domain of this technology application and foreground has extremely valuable research, and what curve figuration and craft of treatment of other of laser beam machining in laser is compound changed a respect to undertake the gender studies trying, and this technology already was applied at automobile manufacturing industry, undertook the car is enclothed flexible school is gentle other abnormity figuration, and they curve figuration to practice computer closed-loop control to laser, raise precision of board makings metabolic, the precision of angle of bend can be amounted to. 2000, p.


Cheng uses nerve network to forecast angle of board makings bent. Report for duty according to Internet G.

The person such as Thomson uses take shape of laser thermal stress car door (graph 2) , represented this domain to use the higher level of research, explain its engineering technology basically satisfies industrial need. Graph the car door home of figuration of 2 laser thermal stress starts to the research of figuration of laser thermal stress later, the Li Wei of swallow hill university civilian introduced new technology of figuration of thermal stress of board makings laser in home above all, the Wang Xiufeng of Beijing aerospace university is opposite with experimental method quick the rule that waits for the laser that material board expects to curve figuration undertook alloy consider. The person such as the Liu Shunhong of university of Hua Zhongke ability used high-power CO2 laser to study mild steel board figuration of three-dimensional laser thermal stress, discussed work the effect of order of method of primitive and sectional, scanning, scanning to figuration result, pointing out flat to bend is to be in warm up level instant finishs, and bend test specimen to curve a process to want to grow more beforehand, from warm up level disappears to the difference in temperature after dropping in temperature continuously, quantity eventually what angle of bend compares flat is small. The person such as Ji Zhong of northwest industry university takes the lead in be opposite the field of the technical parameter when figuration of laser thermal stress, temperature and deformation field test that had a system and academic research, use nonlinear finite and unit law, with intermittent and bouncing type mobile illuminant imitate stimulates the successive scanning of beam of light.

Right thick board the temperature field when figuration of laser thermal stress undertook trends explicit and finite yuan of imitate. The element such as the length breadth ratio of the frequency that the power that laser thermal stress curves figuration and laser, laser mows, board makings is concerned. Compare with photograph of groovy figuration technology, laser figuration technology has a few distinct advantages: 1) uses laser source to regard figuration as the tool, need not the outside force of any forms, manufacturing cycle is consequently short, flexible because big; 2) does not accept mould restriction, but easily compound figuration, make of all kinds abnormity, belong to real significance to go up shape without the model; 3) belongs to hot form figuration, but figuration falls in normal temperature be hard to of figuration difficult be out of shape or brittleness material; 4) uses stimulate mode of beam of light not to have special requirement.

Easily implementation figuration, cut, solder those who wait for working procedure of laser beam machining is compound change. But do a lot of problems still exist to remain in technology of thermal stress figuration the research: at further development? Clump of egret of Tuo of scar of carapace of  of unoccupied place Bo of earnestly of Qiong of bursa of Shang Wei of Xie of postscript Liu す embraces Wu Chun of graceful   Gu Yanyue  is irritated still? quantity of heat is direct action at workpiece surface, formation fuel factor is negative the impact is big, exterior quality is poorer; because figuration is to rely on to play stress effect, the pulls stress to affect a product performance characteristics of harmful remains after figuration. Plate of punch of laser of art of figuration of 2 laser concussion expects figuration uses high power density (class) , short pulse () powerful laser passes through transparent tie layer (Bo Li or water) action absorbs energy to change system in plate material surface at enclothing (black lacquer) on, the vapour after vaporization draws laser energy quickly and form plasma and explode, form one momentum pulse, generate the powerful bow wave that travels to metallic interior, make board makings produces plasticity to be out of shape. If the graph is shown 3 times,its fundamental pursues. Graph the person such as the Hackel of key laboratory of Lawrence Livermore state that Nextpage of sketch map of 3 laser concussion studies the earliest to laser concussion figuration is American California university. In June 2002, they put forward to use laser to pound aggrandizement device to undertake to plate material in patent three-dimensional the figuration principle that curves figuration and accurate figuration method [Zhen, imagined laser concussion is used at plank and lever school form. In saying this technology applies figuration of component of the key in aerospace and martial domain successfully to make, go, be like first class of the machine wing of battleplan, missile. Of the same age, the Untemshrer of company of American current electric equipment, the person such as Josef Robert also mentioned similar figuration concept in patent. They also emphasized having take shape particularly in patent when, right - some the control of laser parameter is very significant. The research group that American scholar Hackel heads already used method of laser gush bolus to 2024-T3 aviation aluminium alloy board makings has accurate take shape, the ply that is its figuration namely is 15.

9mm, two-way curvature all is 3.

The outline drawing of the shape of a saddle-a falling-off between two peak periods of 81m. Graph the home of face plate of music of the shape of a saddle-a falling-off between two peak periods of figuration of 4 laser concussion puts forward laser the earliest to pound figuration of this one new idea is Jiangsu university the person such as Zhang Yongkang. The strength effect that they put forward to use laser bow wave makes plate expects figuration is to result from the discovery in experiment of laser concussion aggrandizement. The person such as Zhou Jianzhong used experimental method to have a test to the material such as forge aluminium, stainless steel, the craft parameter such as the mechanical function of the size of the diameter of wide, facula, material is opposite the energy that summed up laser, arteries and veins the influence of board makings deflection, the laser that the person such as Ji Weimin expects to plate with ANSYS/LSDYNA pounds a process to undertake imitate L. Only place pounds the base that is whole concussion figuration, the spare parts of complex form can pass many bits of concussion to finish. At present laser shock plate expects figuration still is centered on only place concussion, for many times the experiment of complex form and technology measure are studying figuration of concussion of many bits of laser in. With conventional treatment methodological photograph is compared, its have marked characteristic: 1) is out of shape pressure is high, effect time is short, rate of meet an emergency is high. When laser pounds figuration, the peak value pressure that bow wave generates can achieve GPa to measure level, and time of bow wave effect is a few Ns only, rate of meet an emergency is very high, can achieve. Make laser punch figuration OK and fast efficient implementation; 2) need not mould, do not require outside force, need to optimize parameter of laser beam machining only, can realize the figuration that do not have a model. Belong to the cold punch below strength effect to be out of shape, figuration backboard expects the surface has remains to control stress function, the figuration function that makes plate expects gets; 3) chooses laser pulse energy, laser to pound means of orbit, overlay to wait rising can realize automation production. And but collect bedding face army only complex board makings bends, a variety of craft such as local bulging and profile modeling, alignment can accuse accurately at parameter of laser of; 4) of an organic whole, can predict board makings is the following figuration outline. When laser pounds figuration, it is laser produces effect with board makings only, without other influencing factor, because this can adopt the method that controls laser parameter and route, will calculate the figure after board makings figuration. A few problems in returning very fragile; to pound figuration process about the mechanical basic research of technology of this one figuration are solved urgently perfect, the percussive process that if different plane intersects,manages concussion overlap and control are relatively complex, and accompanying exterior aggrandizement, cause board succumb intensity rises, the material plasticity flow that brings about overlap is difficult, those who make succeed is out of shape Shu Chong of difficult; high-energy laser attacks target material to cause is tall of a stress wave spatio-temporal distributing reach its to wait to the to load character of material. Plate of 3 last words expects laser does not have modular figuration technology is a kind of new technology, it involves mechanistic, material to learn, mechanical wait for much discipline with heat, it is the technology of across of a many course, must be with experimental technology rely on, optimize craft parameter further, build system of whole technical data warehouse. At the same time it is mixed adroitly quickly as a kind great and flexible advanced production technology, suit the development of new product and small lot production particularly, be sure to meet to its research far-reaching to generation of meal gold line of business influence, produce good economic benefits and social beneficial result. CNC Milling