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This periodical carries this article the 3rd part -- seed profit 6 σ , elaborated seed profit already the concept of 6 σ and foundation, also delibrate how to implement increase of essence of life successfully 6 σ management. Contemporary 6 σ magic art has regarded the most extensive improvement as quality management the method is used at making all trades and professions with the service. In the meantime, people is right in order to promote flow / process speed and benefit are produced for seed profit of the center " seed profit / keen-witted and capable " the concept is full of enthusiasm and expectation, because how this makes seed profit,rise to become the issue that a lot of enterprises pay close attention to with confluence of concept of 6 σ law. But, 6 σ law uses 6 σ to simplify quality and administrative issue to quantify management for what make clear, and seed profit is " strict time ration takes food " technology and administrative demand. Arose to synthesize both knot from this " 6 σ manage seed profit law " demand. The article offers his for this the main result of pertinent question, namely: Is what seed profit 6 σ law? Seed profit is the foundation of 6 σ what? How to implement increase of essence of life are 6 σ management and the main experience that its carry out successfully what? Primary purpose is expectation in endowment the company studies and use it. Is what seed profit 6 σ law? A veteran Johns Manville that has 18 years of length of military service (JM) the job of a jockey person that after retiring, in labour factory director period regards production as machine of a gleam of is on factory product line. At 20 centuries through his long-term exploration and effort 90 time put forward an organization " mutation reduces a group (Variation Reduction Teams) " . He asks every member is opposite the group successfully every job has regular ground to undertake. In detail study and research had rightly after the story that saw 6 σ way when him 2001. He mixes 6 σ law reduce mutation to unite rise. Passed 5 weeks 2002 " black band " after grooming, the working experience that uses him studied the manufacturing project of 40% reachs his deep after 3 weeks of nearly two spots produce the situation of the spot, the working goal that advances a group is the process that more consideration makes and product. The concept that should use statistical technology for this and tool understanding and the relevant data that study 3 weeks nearly two, improve the mutation of process product ceaselessly according to them. His job brings the 3 net profits to 4 million dollars for the enterprise. A seed profit concept that the case of JM is a model and 6 σ union rise, manage as 6 σ " black band " what what show is basic " seed profit 6 σ " example. So, a management that 6 σ are the study in the error from in the past supports increase of essence of life improve knowledge. Because, the technology that used in the past and a when the tool arises serious error are oversight administrative support. In the meantime, a lot of managers people in executive seed profit discover they go after 6 σ a seed profit 6 σ regard as with some kind of means " filch resource " be a mistake, and the real work state of indistinct spot. After once they see,one kind appears as a result with the improvement that can develop continuously quickly, they will become the proponent that grooms effectively. In executive seed profit the company of 6 σ , of the system that its center is superstratum above all and flow improve, through seed profit of 6 σ project improve can make the management target of the company is able to come true. Accordingly, alleged " seed profit 6 σ " the company course that focuses attention at satisfying customer demand and expectation namely / a kind of when flow improves new government law. The foundation of 6 σ realizes seed profit successfully seed profit the key of 6 σ is make a client satisfactory mix with what data and fact are collective foundation improve a process ceaselessly / flow. Former the quality that includes to make a client satisfactory (Quality) with speed (Speed) two respects, the course that latter includes to improve flow ceaselessly flows / flow flows (Process Flow) mix with blemish become poor (Variation And Defects) two respects. These 4 crucial aspects make seed profit 4 pillar of 6 σ edifice, the foundation of the edifice is data and fact, and ceiling is seed profit 6 σ , the panel that can develop brimming with energy inside the edifice works in coordination. One, implement increase of essence of life successfully the crucial essential factor of 6 σ 1, the end that uses the quality that quality and speed make your customer satisfaction makes a client satisfactory and rate is oversight any things that cannot satisfy client requirement. Be in what seed profit cannot satisfy client requirement in the term of 6 σ any things related to quality problem and delivery rate are called blemish (Defects) . The connection between quality, speed and cost is: High speed is reached as far as possible below the condition of high quality, and want to achieve high quality to must create high process rate conversely; Low quality and slow rate make the process cost of product and service higher. Accordingly, only " high quality, fast, low cost, more profit " a such roads. So, the principal method that makes a client satisfactory is executive flow / of the process improve. 2, the flow that improves a project / although the process is engaged in the person that the spot works having certain process knowledge and experience, but great majority is not complete, not of the system. The change that to make use seed profit 6 σ bring achieves formulary requirement, should undertake: The level that the proof has working and its composition process are the most reasonable, best, it is not pure experience already, also not be to be passed for many times " try pool (Trial-and-error) " those who get; The job of test and appraiser or workstation flows (Flow Of Work) ; the process / the employee that the knowledge that flow improves and method impart to need to improve its to work ceaselessly. The end that becomes so is reduce a process use up (Waste) . Its target has two: Be oversight company product and service process above all become poor / mutation (Variation) , reduce product and the dispersive sex that serve quality, distributing namely the level that σ of density function curve is worth; It is the σ standard that improves process shedding and its traversal speed next. Accordingly, we should realise clearly, process / the improvement of flow is the only way that company implementation expects to improve a target. 3, to get service of the biggest profit to establish seed profit 6 σ group looks it is easy to be like, but the choice of the member that the outstanding achievement that should develop panel action and promotion firm should consider small composition seriously, groom and accredit. Efficient group chooses meticulously to go out from inside the personnel that has different and professional knowledge and technical ability, and groom through serious ground, assessment and mount guard of formal authorization ability. In the meantime, in executive seed profit 6 σ manage when, want to obtain the largest company earnings to still must accomplish following 8 requirements: Seed profit 6 σ group should can come true to cooperate with goodly the job, go up in competitive foundation namely cooperate in coordination; Unite and confirm the working target of the group, group group member cannot each does things in his own way, do sth without authorization acts; Make clear the responsibility of an accreditation and obligation; Learn to processing conflicts and dissolve contradiction, make sure the group can cooperate in coordination the ground begins the work; The member of the group should pay close attention to how to undertake decision-making, assure decision-making validity; Efficient the ground has all sorts of meetings; Form the atmosphere that encourages continuous study; Achieve the cooperation with other group and branch; Master customer demand catch the technique that defines with demand and method, in order to consider the center that repletion meaning works for its, can check blemish of run time of working outstanding achievement, process and speed, quality effectively. 4, those who be based on data and fact is decision-making and current a lot of decision-making next making support in devoid data and fact, often be the source that creates decision-making mistake so. Among them a main reason is to take the data that is less than a need and fact. Because,the source that generates this one case is: Lack uses competitive information technology and method to get the data that processes a key with the analysis and information, not crucial, real time data and factual information support are correct the ground is decision-making, perhaps lack the available data that can use and information. Accordingly, the company should study, introduce with technology of executive competition information and method, especially the study that technology of among them transverse contrast, query and human relation learn and apply. Profit of nextpage2, seed 5 law of 6 σ from afore-mentioned analysises knowable seed profit 5 of 6 σ main subjects are: The client is the most important; Quality, speed and cost are mutual connection; If you want to refer high quality, short date of delivery and the goods that reduce cost and service,gain the client's satisfaction, should oversight mutation and blemish, focus attention at the improvement that the process sheds; Crucial data is to have the key with decision-making business affairs; The process employee that pays close attention to to improve a client ceaselessly must cooperate and work in coordination. Set out to had summed up from these problems piece the following 5 law: Mensurable one: The demand of market rule client defined the priority that quality and its process improve, it is OK to abandon this to have no other way the outstanding achievement that the company that helps you promotes a business continuously. Mensurable 2: Flexible law the speed of any processes and flexible into direct ratio. What indicate here is flexible, it is the working job that shows how people alternates they face easily. If you think,must mix quickly with quality the improvement of cost is premise. Mensurable 3: Central keep under control (Plato law) the of 20% element in the process or activity cause the problem of 80% or result. But, plato law can apply to simple goal problem only or seek solution to element sort problem. Accordingly, must undertake the analysis of Plato law respectively from blemish of time, quality and cost tripartite face. Mensurable 4: Speed law (Little is mensurable) the speed of any processes and process are being made or the incident of the process (WIP) into inverse ratio. If WIP increases a speed to reduce, vice versa. Accordingly, cutting down WIP is the requirement that gets high rate. Mensurable 5: Of the complexity of complexity and product of cost keep under control and service raise the process with will poorer than quality or slow rate to want to add more cost and WIP. So, the easiest process improves the mutation that is the product that reduces group production and service. The place on put together is narrated, the improvement of 6 σ should get seed profit to lead the participation with employee and the support that win time, effect and money to more. Have seed profit another of 6 σ important thing is to begin groom effectively. Because this is,make the company gets more profit and the secret that realize process and outstanding achievement to improve ceaselessly. How to implement increase of essence of life successfully 6 σ management? One, the company begins to use seed profit the preparative work when 6 σ implements increase of essence of life in the company before 6 σ project, decide executive seed profit will encounter two the biggest questions after 6 σ : One of, it is the company goal that decides you think to be able to be achieved; Secondly, it is to groom executive seed profit a large number of personnel of 6 σ project, make they are become have broad and profound knowledge and ability and efficient member. A lot of companies are to adopt the following the assorted solution of 4 kinds of solutions: Create more new position to assume most essence increase the responsibility of 6 σ project and obligation; Control the duty of active position, look attentively at seed profit closely the executive effect of 6 σ project; Development grooms suitably system and groom curricular system; Affirmatory as close as target of company business affairs correlation, assure seed profit the executive program that 6 σ project implements successfully. The new position of 6 σ has profit of configuration success executive seed: Captain -- the captain is to have management and directive seed profit the advanced administration of obligation of 6 σ project is in charge of a manager. They should ensure the support to the project, leader and the first project that make the project becomes a company. The captain is in charge of by administration commonly (CEO) be led directly or hold part-time by officer director. Black band -- the seed profit that they are company specialized service 6 σ groom teacher, it is to be in charge of having by a definite date the 4 leaders to 5 weeks and the full-time staff that ask solution to a problem to groom definitely. The seed profit that normally they are engaged in full-time 6 σ project works. Their main responsibility is leader seed profit 6 σ group, or for among them certain did not master profit of good essence of life the member of 6 σ technology and method has take lessons after school. They have main responsibility on project choice. Black band Great Master -- they are courses good advanced groom, have broad and profound knowledge (the knowledge that includes a course) and very good solve the black band with problem remarkable ability. They also can lead increase of essence of life 6 σ group, be in charge of black band groom, have dog item executive process and duty of evolutional of supervisory group work. Besides, the original and relevant personnel of 6 σ project still has seed profit: The officer director of unit of CEO, business affairs, manager of product line and process are in charge of, and the member of green ribbon, yellow belt, leucorrhoea and group. The main responsibility of CEO is decision-making whether to use seed profit 6 σ project, offer resource and the solid bestow progress of supervisory project for the project. Business affairs unit is the branch of profit independence business accounting of company subordinate, its director should be seed profit via behoove 6 σ project is offerred groom and project support. Green ribbon, yellow belt, leucorrhoea and panel member are executive seed profit the particular staff member of 6 σ project. Typical seed profit 6 σ groom the project includes: Seed profit of the consciousness of 6 σ groom course (basically be aimed at black band to groom) , of relevant technology and tool groom course (basically be aimed at green ribbon and yellow belt groom) , of craftsmenship tool and method groom course (basically be aimed at black band groom) , more. The choice of 6 σ project should consider benefit of essence of life above all the challenge that company management faces and bottleneck. Choosing crucial question is not simple ground offers think of a way, pick first-rate think of a way from inside a lot of possible think of a way however. Its first-rate meaning achieves the biggest profit namely, or say " the value of the person that promotion is shared (Shareholder Value) " . 6 σ law solves seed profit the process of this one problem is shown 6 times like the graph. Graph 6 convey seed profit to executive process from the strategy tool of evolutional of 6 σ project is Gantetu. Its typical project time course is: The 1st month undertakes the detailed design of project configuration, the preparation that the choice that the 2nd month has a project, choice of captain and black band and project carry out, arrive from the 3rd month the 12nd month (10 months) harmonious development, begin to see the effect of the project in the 5th month after the project begins about, increase accrual to promote ceaselessly as what the project carries out time. So, seed profit the strength that the good luck with 6 σ successful project spreads out deep as its and shows it gradually. But, the fixed position of the project, groom and new working way is seed profit the infrastructure with 6 σ successful project. 2, undertake persistent improvement: The tool DMAIC process of 6 σ improves executive DNMAIC and study seed profit the tool is " structure, the problem that is based on data, of the problem seek solution " process, it means the following 3 respects: (1) structured process, the activity that develops a provision according to formulary order; (2) it is with data base, the relevant data with the closest collect, after undertaking analytic handling, be decision-making provide support; (3) of the problem seek solution, the solution that affirms a group, executive solution, eliminate the source that the problem arises. In the definition (D) the tool that level place uses has a supplier / input / process / output / client (SIPOC) the flow chart that graph and value shed. Measure (M) the tool that level basically uses has course manual, time, Plato and value graph, time set map. Analysis (A) the tool that level basically uses has graph of cause and effect and dispersed plan. Improve (I) the PICK plan that the tool that level basically uses includes to evaluate feasible solution and 4 level figure. Control (C) the tool with main stage is process control graph. 3, carry out improvement experience successfully a lot of successes implement increase of essence of life the main experience of company of 6 σ project has: To an organization, the key is the issue that how chooses to improve; The expert that the organization crosses branch, much major enters seed profit 6 σ group; Use seed profit in great quantities the tool research process of 6 σ / the improvement of flow; Should invite the expert of company inside and outside that has experience, belt to big question " class " personnel is participated in analysis and decision-making; To seed profit the relevant personnel of group of 6 σ project undertakes comprehensive, strict groom, examine and accredit; The joint efforts of support black band, green ribbon, yellow belt, leucorrhoea and group ensemble member is advanced improve, shorten of the project get effective time. 4, 6 things that the manager that 6 issues that supervisor of 6 σ project must make seed profit are having organization of 6 σ project manages seed profit should do are: (1) choose increase of true essence of life 6 σ project -- project choice validity basically depends on: Whether is the project united with the market fixed position of the company, target, strategy and character? Is the executive limits of the project feasible? Whether to set can you differentiate, measureable project result? Carry out a proof, the lien ability of the center that assured a project only and activity achieves the favorable result that improves quickly quite. (2) the personnel that chooses qualification -- they should be to have the member that broad and profound knowledge and ability, course grooms strictly and can cooperate. (3) follow increase of essence of life 6 σ concept, technology and methodological act. They should be can quiz correctly, can effective and reasonable favourable geographical position uses seed profit the person of 6 σ concept, technology, method and tool. (4) the action that defines relevant personnel clearly and duty. (5) between the member that emphasize each each relevant sections, personnel and small composition from beginning to end communicate. (6) the study that strengthens oneself and groom, build powerful logistics supports and groom ability. The main inspiration that the success of 6 σ gives seed profit us is, the management of company and enterprise should be the centralized management concept with with the science of factitious center compositive system, strategy and method. The TRIZ that we will design introductory innovation theory and 6 σ union henceforth -- 6 σ problem seeks solution means quickly. CNC Milling