Shallow the use method that talks about mould treatment

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Recently, achieve efficient treatment to suffer fully through tall feed fix eyes upon. Our company also comply with market demand, rolled out Gao Jin to give new trunk Sks series. Wait for difficult cutting material to hard steel of temper by dipping in water from semifinished product material, all can undertake with this series product efficient rough machining. Of newest development can exchange type knife head + hard alloy arbor (exceed strong staff) series cutting tool was to get accord more reputably. Of the cutting tool in treatment dangerous long when increasing, cutter hub can produce vibration and must lower cutting requirement. Because wearability inadequacy brings about collapse blade,additionally bit is not only, and the sex of the blade that prevent collapse that the vibration of cutter hub will drop point greatly. Bring about a knife easily when unmanned automation is machined to die especially machine destroy wait for grave accident happening. Here, the improvement that we introduce our company to open the Gao Jin that give out newly to combine place of cutter hub series to adopt to new artery in the light of these problems countermeasure. Hard alloy handle exceeds strong staff series 1, cutter hub of cutting function steel is dangerous long stretchy when, can produce vibration, affect cutting condition, bring about cutting speed to cannot rise especially. For example: With) of cutter hub of steel of Sks-2020-130-s20(diameter 20mm, hang long 190mm(l/d=9.

5) , the cutting parameter that when machining S55c, recommends is: Cutting deepness 0.

3mm, cutting speed V=80m/min, f=0 of every blade feed.

6mm/ blade, feed speed F=1500mm/min. But, hard alloy knife handle (exceed strong staff) Msn-m10-140-s20 and Gao Jin give what new trunk series uses to be able to change combination of Msh-2020-m10 of type knife head to use, can make cutting speed is achieved 1.

9 times V=150m/min, the feed of every blade is 1 original.

7 times F=1.

0mm/ blade, feed speed is original 3 times F=4800mm/min, and vibration won't produce in machining a process, cutting is smooth. How does product of discharge makeup external use reducing weight make up case of oil price of water rose essence goes blain imprints the eye ministry with very effective product of what bubble bath is moist which kinds are very additional, when the S55c(201hb) that be by treatment material, the Jc5040 material of Wdmw050316ztr of model of use razor blade undertakes machining character. Cutting parameter is: Main shaft rotate speed is N=2390min-1, cutting speed V=150m/min, f=1 of every blade feed.

0mm/ blade, feed speed is F=4800mm/min, axial cuts deep Ar=0.

3mm, radial cuts wide Ad=12mm. The life that uses blowy refrigeration to undertake is compared. Steel cutter hub is used below the condition of high speed tall feed, because vibration is very big, bit produces collapse blade, when cutting grows to 25m, cannot use namely. And " exceed strong staff " set comes in the treatment below same condition 525m(cutting time 109 minutes) also did not produce collapse blade phenomenon, acquired the life of 21 times above. Should hang long when increasing, use " exceed strong staff " series, it is to be able to pass high speed tall feed to improve treatment efficiency greatly not only, and cutting tool life also gets ameliorative greatly. 2, 32mmsks of treatment example use ¢ can exchange type knife head + hard alloy arbor (exceed strong staff) treatment forgings mould (heat-resisting tool steel) when, the improvement that machines efficiency, life example. The machine that hangs long 100mm places the axial of milling cutter of type round razor blade to cut deep Ar=1mm, feed speed F=2800mm/min, cutting measures Q=70cc/min, life is 45 to 60 minutes. Hard alloy arbor (exceed strong staff) compare to it, treatment condition is ameliorable for Ar=0.

7mm, f=7000mm/min, q=122.

5cc/min, treatment efficiency rose 1.

75 times, life achieves 190 minutes, raised 3 times above. CNC Milling