Machining center changes skill of process designing of knife process PLC automatically

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Machine program and program of PLC of sketch map of PLC order concern are the software core that numerical control machine tool runs normally, it is the bridge of join NC and machine tool, also be a machine tool the key that electric design personnel debugs a machine tool. A perfect PLC program can make the machine tool moves normally not only, let a person look even be clear at a glance, debug for oneself already offer convenient, still can help maintenance technician search breakdown and analytic account. When system of SIEMENS802D numerical control distributing with respect to machining center of XH756B series horizontal below, in changing knife course automatically the process designing skill of manipulator makes one introduction. Introduce cutting tool simply to exchange the fundamental condition of device above all, knife library is the chain knife library that can rotating reversely, outfit the manipulator on unit of cutting tool trade uses the cutting tool in library of knife of 15 measure general to exchange main shaft, in the broach shell that still returns main shaft cutting tool knife library correspondence. Change knife time to shorten as far as possible, we use the kind that cutting tool preelection and spare parts treatment have at the same time to reduce the time that change a knife. Manipulator movement order is as follows: Measure 1: Translation is retractile, catch the cutting tool of the preelection in knife library: Measure 2: Unplug the knife is extended, pull out the cutting tool in broach shell: Measure 3: Translation is extended, grab knife seat from side of library of make sb the first aim of attack: Measure 4: Unplug the knife is retractile, manipulator is retractile: Measure 5: Rocker is extended, rocker changes main shaft to side: Measure 6: Translation is extended, catch main shaft cutting tool: Measure 7: Unplug the knife is extended, pull out the cutting tool in main shaft: Measure 8: Change a knife to turning or invert, cutting tool exchange: Measure 9: Unplug the knife is retractile, insert preelection cutting tool main shaft: Measure 10: Translation is retractile, manipulator leaves main shaft: Measure 11: Rocker is retractile, rocker changes knife library to side: Measure 12: Unplug the knife is extended, preparation remands main shaft cutting tool knife library: Measure 13: Translation is retractile, library of manipulator tend knife: Measure 14: Unplug the knife is retractile, insert main shaft cutting tool knife library: Measure 15: Translation is extended, grab knife seat from side of library of make sb the first aim of attack. 15 measure can divide above for 4 following phase: The 1st phase: Grab new knife. Library of knife of Txx code control presses the position that nearby direction turns process designing cutting tool is in, reach the designated position and library having a knife starts manipulator after signal of fixed position I, through measure 1 → measure 2 → measure 3 → measure 4, catch process designing cutting tool wait to change a knife on the hand. The 2nd phase: Change a knife. M06 is started change a knife to secure a loop " TOOL " . "TOOL " control each coordinate to move to change knife position, inform with M90 PLC is started change a knife, PLC requests NC with M90 signal " read in prohibit " start manipulator to change knife move 5 → measure 7 → of 6 → measure 8 → of measure 9 → of measure 10 → of measure measure 11, use measure at the same time of 5 reach the designated position the niche that signal dominates knife library to turn to date of main shaft knife. The 3rd phase: Return a knife. Measure 5 started knife libraries rotate stop and after signal of I of fixed position of library having a knife, measure of the manipulator that start 12 → measure 14 → of 13 → measure measure 15, main shaft cutting tool still arrives in knife library and memory the memory of date of main shaft knife is updated. Measure 11 after finishing, cancel " read in prohibit " , parameter of activation cutting tool, machine program and manipulator still undertake at the same time. The 4th phase: Grab preelection new knife. The Txx of cutting tool date that below below one paragraph of follow closely of M06 line working procedure wants to use, after knife library is completing the action that return a knife, manipulator move can be started while the spare parts is machined 1 → measure 3 → of 2 → measure measure 4, the cutting tool preelection that uses place of next line working procedure catchs manipulator, await M06 to start the movement changing a knife from the back, shortened greatly so the time that cutting tool exchanges, improved work efficiency. Note: Txx and M06 cannot make up inside same block: In fixed loop TOOL, all displacement block should add G153(paragraph effective) cancel basic deflection: 3 change knife course: ① holds a knife: Main shaft does not have a knife, txx/M06 installs process designing cutting tool directly: ② changes a knife: Main shaft has a knife, exchange process designing cutting tool and main shaft cutting tool: ③ returns a knife: Main shaft has a knife, process designing T0, still answer main shaft cutting tool knife library. Main shaft stops angle to use MD14514[0] of PLC floating-point parameter definitely: This $MN_USER_DATA_FLOAT[0] process designing methodological core is manipulator the movement is divided into by sequential in all 15 measure. "Measure " memory is in a variable among, variable dot occupies a byte among this, every " measure " instead the next writes intermediate variable value after finishing " measure " , and after whole measure is finished entirely, be intermediate variable buy 0, after the next statement that change a knife comes from measure 1 begin to carry out. Make PLC program simple, direct not only so, and as a result of " measure " it is exclusive, can avert the mutual interference between signal so, process designing personnel again also need not cudgel one's brains for will output signal to impose all sorts of limitation requirements for each, clever use " variable " the result that achieves get twice the result with half the effort. Machine program and PLC order concern see figure below. Graph in addition, exchange of knife library movement, tray also can use this kind of method to come process designing. CNC Milling