Fiber-optic coupling laser

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Limited company of technology of laser of Shanghai tall meaning releases his the range of products of fiber-optic coupling laser with newest and own successful development. This series product joins a company already some advanced and patent technologies, have the multinomial competition advantage such as tall stability, wide lukewarm job, low cost. The product was enclothed 405, 440, 532, 635, 660, 785, the many wavelengh such as 1064 Nm, provide single standard, much model, protect slant the diversification choice that waits for fiber-optic type, force protects contented client the requirement that of all kinds applying. In addition, still have with what fiber-optic coupling laser rolls out at the same time all sorts of fiber-optic close bundle implement, let a client there is more and agile choice in wavelengh respect. CNC Milling