A few crucial module in PDM system realize methodological research

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Summary: On the foundation that elaborates PDM concept, function and architecture, a few crucial module such as the working flow management in discussing to be developed in PDM system mainly, attributive management and BOM collect, discussed the implementation method of these module respectively. Product data manages (Product Data Management, abbreviation PDM) is 80 time later period a when ability development rises new government idea and IT technology. It is it is a center with the product, adopt computer network and database technique, produce the business all related to the product information in the process and related to the product process and relevant resource undertake compositive the technology that turns management. It is the bridge with enterprise implementation compositive information and ligament, also be company design, craft and the data management center of production branch and flow management center. PDM system can promote an enterprise to raise its to produce character to measure well, shorten development is periodic, improve work efficiency, accelerate a product to put the market on speed, increase the competitive capacity of the product thereby. Accordingly, in recent years, PDM system obtains wide application in creating a company domestic and internationally. And, because PDM system can process data of much surprise compose, reason also is in Medical Protection, safe, building, electron, communication, aviation / the other sphere such as spaceflight received wide application, becoming supportive company course to recombine stage by stage (BFR) , implement collateral project (of the systematic project such as project of CE) , CIMS and attestation of ISO9000 quality system make can technology. The system of basic function PDM of the function of 1 PDM system and structural PDM system offerred a kind of macroscopical management and control for the enterprise the mechanism of all information related to the product. Say commonly, the PDM system that a compositive company level uses should have the following basic functions: ① electron data-base and documentation govern a function: ② job flows and design process management function: ③ product structure and configuration govern a function: ④ examines and function of make a circle round one's name on a document submitted for approval to show that one has read it: ⑤ design retrieves and function of spare parts library: ⑥ project governs a function: ⑦ electron changes synergic function: ⑧ tool and " compositive " function: ⑨ scans and become resemble serving a function. These functions can generalize above the function of the two big fields that are PDM: It is the management that product data builds a course, manage an enterprise to arrive from assignment certificate of research and development of new product of make known to lower levels namely the whole process that all graph documentation related to this product make entirely: 2 it is graph documentation after generating, how to have effective memory and government, those who realize graph documentation is confidential, share, inquiry, collect, statistic, so that be the design henceforth,the job offers advantage. The open mode of PDM the open mode of architecture graph 1 PDM architecture an excellent PDM system, must have good rock-bottom architecture. The open mode of PDM system architecture (if graph 1) issues distributed database technology to be with network environment,prop up, use C/S(client computer / server) architecture and object-oriented method, realize the information management of product complete lifecycle, flow of cooperative control work and project make progress, one is built to run paralell inside enterprise limits the environment of product development efforts that change, its open a gender to basically reflect in: Support a variety of hardware platform -- wait like UNIX, Windows, Macitosh: Support a variety of database systems -- wait like Oracle, Sybase, MicrosoftSQLServer: Support a variety of network agreements -- include TCP/IP, NetBIOS, HTTP to wait: Used the advanced technique such as Client/Server, Web/Internet, Object-Orient: Have friendly user interface and much language support. The implementation method enterprise of a few crucial module in 2 PDM uses PDM system, the automation control of the project data management that can be an enterprise and process provides unified supportive environment, regard a project as compositive frame of the branch with it, support type of form of of all kinds different the requirement of all of computer science department, so that satisfy the requirement of different company or user. Accordingly, in process of PDM system development, must the implementation method of the each function module of mature PDM system. Length of be confined to, the implementation method that the article basically sheds the crucial module such as management, attributive management and BOM collect to the job does a key to discuss. Graph the design that flow of work of model of structure of process of 3 PDM of attempt of model of 2 tasks unit manages and implementation are in products plan process, engineering design activity is behaved commonly to found, extend reach alter design data. Regard PDM as main component of the system, the job that working flow manages is pair of products is whole form a process to undertake controlling, make this process is in any moment but date from. For the effective government that has working flow, must build the process model of the structuralization of an all main character in including a product to fashion a process, the each process move that the model described this process to form the job to flow is in what go up logically to string together / collateral relation. For this, must define all concerned process move above all, pass the analysis of opposite Cheng measure, them abstraction becomes a few main task unit that form a product to develop a process (Unit Of Task) , will construct through unit to these main tasks organic link different product develops a process, if project attempt extends, of product data change a process to wait. Unit of each main task has an entrance and at least two export (if pursue,2 show) . The working object that the finishing mode that in the task entrance part needs to take up the post of Wu, task shares personnel list and job: The exit such as the success that in task export department cent needs to offer task activity and failure. After process model is affirmatory, OK the each process measure in process model and functional object relevant couplet, the each process measure in flow to the job through functional object undertakes controlling. In the meantime, the photograph such as group of the systematic user that every function object also needs to be able to be carried out together or accepts this job, user or part is associated (if pursue,3 show) . The job that adopts PDM system sheds administrative function, the user can form all sorts of complex designs in the process to the product, change and had extended Cheng Jin management. Graph the 4 changes management processing courses that showed a pattern. In this work flow, the sponsor that has changed Cheng if some each person, a certain group or a certain branch is given out change requisition, working shedding manages module to will change requisition to send the PDM user that concern, undertake changing the course of approval. If change application to did not win approval, working shedding manages module to will send concerned message to the sponsor that changes a course, whole process ends at this point. After if change application to get concerned personnel,be being approved, module of working shedding management will change executant to send to authorized change task sheet. Change executant basis to change task sheet to undertake modification to needing changed boy or girl friend next. After changing Cheng to end, the process that repass product examines, if examine,get passing, working shedding manages module to revise the relevant attribute of the object that be changed, stock record library afresh, all users that use this target to the likelihood at the same time extend change advice note, if examine,fail, working shedding manages module general to change executant feedback to concern information. Graph 4 change administrative job to circulate a plan structure of part of type of 5 administrative levels at the same time, the ideology that collateral project handles in managing module sheds in the job, through analyse and revising pattern of traditional serial work flow, each working measure in fashioning a process to the product undertake changing be controllinged effectively, can make process of a few complex jobs is able to run paralell carry out, shrink to short sawn timber is developed or design cycle substantially thereby, increase work efficiency and industry competition capacity. The setting of attributive and a when manage an enterprise to apply PDM main reason are the safety of company plan documentation. In the meantime, set out from the angle that organizes products plan process and systematic government, want to maintain the integrality of product data, effectiveness, consistency and security, the requirement should include powerful attributive management function in PDM system, in order to achieve proper to participating in the staff that designs a process to undertake attributive setting and administration. Above all, the requirement is when tectonic PDM system, need to organize concerned personnel the structure to undertake recombining differentiating, make cent of every lawful user belongs to different user group. An user group can include many different users, and an user also can belong to many different users group. In addition, the method that can define through the part will appoint different role for different user, make they and project correlation rise. Same, different user can attribute different part, same role type also can include different user. So, what we can belong to group of user, user or part according to each member place is different, will set its to enjoy different data manipulation limits of authority and limits in the place in PDM system. Division of technology of the member that the personnel part of typical production company includes stylist of chief engineer, director, design, director, craft member, mark careful member wait. When the part is defined, to facilitate the management of the part, can adopt the part structure of type of a kind of administrative levels. What be about to have the structure of part park part of least attributive is the most rock-bottom, begin to gift through chasing a layer from them new user with new limits of authority, thereby the new role that derive gives to be in disparate arrangement of ideas and have different limits of authority. In the meantime, the part that is in higher administrative levels acceded nature all attributive of part of lower administrative levels (if pursue,show) 5 times. Graph normally the regulation that differs through be group of user, user or part definition realizes management of attributive of process of 6 regular processing. Regulation is an user carry out some activity to must be satisfied one or more simple or the logic of assorted condition assembles. A variety of regulation can comprise regular library. After the user is requesting to carry out some activity to begin, whether does the executive that needs to examine this activity above all have the limits of authority that carries out this activity (if pursue,6 show) . Examine when user attributive only obtain through, PDM system ability undertakes next operation, otherwise, the user requests to will be rejected, the system will inform an user its have no right to have this activity, the activity also will be stopped at the same time. In addition, because be in products plan process, the countersign of graph documentation is one cannot work less, this can achieve the administration of dynamic attributive even with respect to requirement PDM system. If be in design process, the architect of this documentation has the modification limits of authority of pair of graph documentation, but arrived to sign careful phase, the architect can have the browsing limits of authority of the graph documentation that designs to its only. The implementation that dynamic attributive manages, can more be helpful for assuring consistency of data and security. When enterprise of BOM collect function is organizing production, need accurate product structure information, the information such as norm of classified detailed list and craft course, tooling, man-hour and material norm, the of all kinds detailed list that BOM(BillO-Material) is the product that describes a business and craft information and forms for reporting statistics. It is branch of connection business Technical Division, production, purchase department and the important bond that sell a branch. In a good PDM product, PDM system itself is not isolated existence, it must can not have with the implementation of of all kinds application software such as CAD, CAPP, CAM seam compositive. The BOM in PDM system collects general function, be one of PDM opposite independence child module, assuming from information of the collect in CAD, CAPP, create the job of of all kinds summary table, be like the product structure news that CAD software makes, must collect, classification can undertake in PDM, form standard component, bought-in component, abstain, the classified collect detailed list such as summary table and the cast such as grafting part, cooperation part, forging, weldment, generate face the fundamental data that the enterprise purchases and produces plan management system: And the craft news that CAPP software makes, also want to undertake in PDM system the collect such as man-hour norm, material norm, tooling works, generate the fundamental data that faces enterprise workshop to run a system. And the memory way that the relevant setting in PDM decided these collect information and flow direction. Graph the foundation that the product structure in system of PDM of plan of structure of detailed account of stock of 7 some products and configuration management are function of implementation BOM collect. In PDM system, it is component and spare parts through decomposing the product, the component can be divided into again dissoluble with impartible solution, dissoluble component is decomposed further child component and spare parts, child the component can be decomposed further again, the composition that described a product logically thereby concerns. Component concerns to be risen by the organization according to the assembly between them, the user can define all sorts of products data and component correlation to rise, form the complete description of pair of product structures finally. And, because the connection between the primary notes of all spare partses in product structure was recorded in system of PDM system database, so the user can make the stock detailed list of all sorts of disparate arrangement of ideas according to different need, if can make a component or a few parts the stock detailed account of whole even product (show) 7 times like the graph, and the stock detailed list that faces different object, be like those who face a function, face the constructional stock detailed list that faces a sale even to wait. Accordingly, pass product structure and configuration management function, PDM system can make list of of all kinds product and collect detailed list automatically, the graph that makes the user can use PDM changes an interface to undertake examine and editing to product structure, increase quality of work efficiency, product and industry competition capacity effectively thereby. Management of data of product of 3 last words is one uses government all related to the product information is mixed all related to the product the technology of the process. On the elaborates function of PDM concept, system and structure foundation of the article, the key discussed setting of the working flow management in PDM system, attributive and management and BOM collect to wait for a few crucial module, undertook bat around to the implementation method of these module. The effective implementation aux will be able to of these crucial module is developed for the success of PDM system and carry out the base with be offerred main to assure. CNC Milling