Vishay releases 3 new 600V fast restore MOSFET of power of diode N raceway groove

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A few days ago, vishay Intertechnology, inc.

Announce, issue 3 new 600V EF series fast restore MOSFET of power of diode N raceway groove---SiHx21N60EF, SiHx47N60EF and SiHx70N60EF. These 3 parts of an apparatus of Vishay Siliconix have low retrorse extensive to telegram in reply carries on his shoulder or back and guide electrify block, mix in industry, telegraphic, computation but second birth can raise dependability in application of the sources of energy, and energy-saving. These 600V that roll out today are fast restore diode MOSFET to use technology of the 2nd acting super knot to make, enriched the parts of an apparatus of standard E series with existing Vishay, make the company has more parts of an apparatus to be able to be used at similar move complete bridge and LLC the 0 voltage switch of half bridge (develop of ZVA)/ soft switch attacks. In these application, siHx21N60EF, SiHx47N60EF and SiHx70N60EF have retrorse extensive telegram in reply to carry on one's shoulder or back (Qrr) is lower than standard MOSFET decuple advantage, raised dependability. These parts of an apparatus can prevent voltage breakdown quickly accordingly, conduce to prevent direct puncture and thermal breakdown. 21A SiHx21N60EF has 4 kinds to enclose, 47A SiHx47N60EF and 70A SiHx70N60EF have two kinds to enclose each. Parts of an apparatus has 176m Ω , 65m Ω and 38m Ω respectively super- low guide electrify block and low grid charge. This is meant mix in solar energy inverter, server power source of communication power source, switch of ATX/Silver Box computer, solder in application of the high power in charger of equipment, UPS, batteries and semiconductor production facilities, high frequency switch, but implementation pole guides lowly connect and switch loss. These parts of an apparatus can bear avalanche and change shed the high-energy pulse in mode, assure to check through the UIS of 100% . These MOSFET accord with RoHS, without haloid. CNC Milling