From the means that raises treatment rate is sought besides machine treatment

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Treatment of axis of graph 1 5 is mould of this workshop implementation only of quick delivery process among them a part can be in this short-term inside the mould job shops of delivery, encircle the treatment means besides through improving treatment, managing many manufacturing time. There is a main factor in numerous treatment element, namely tray is changed debug a setting, how to pass 5 axes treatment, shorten effectively handling time. Company of engineering of technology of mould of Die-Tech And Engineering (abbreviation DTE) be establish in Mixiegen the mould workshop of the city, this company comes through means of 5 axes treatment model of milling treatment Die Casting and the model that note model. But this is not is " 3+2 " machine mode. That is to say, it is to be besides cutting treatment not just use rotate cutting tool or the treatment pattern that change workpiece point of view. Contrary, DTE company is the matchs runner shaft of wired sex electric machinery coming back machining center that uses two Mikron firm, through arriving from a compound angle the flow of next compound angle is rapid each place that milling treatment means will come to to machine all moulds and mould spare parts. Graph 2 this Die Casting a be a workshop urgent treatment, but inside the limits of standard delivery time that still is in DTE company " I am not clear why any mould job shops do not want to use comprehensive 5 axes to machine. " president Mr William Berry of DTE company says. However, this job shops is awaiting the arrival of this one hour all the time. To job shops of a mould, use generally nevertheless successive the different common that treatment of 5 axes milling is what kind, but DTE company does not have interest to becoming the new-style user of this one technology or most advanced user. In fact, a few technologies that are used extensively, just be applied at this one job shops recently, for example a 3 coordinate are measured machine. According to the view of Mr Berry, the treatment concept of this workshop is " appropriately, use new technology reasonably " . That is to say, can help this workshop shorten considerably when new method and technology its when the date of delivery to client acceptance, just introduce appropriately use. Have a case that is worth memory, once, this workshop received very " urgent " the mould machines the task, its focus is centered on delivery time. This car Die Casting mould, because design late alleviation design to alter too big reason, must deliver the goods inside 3 weeks. The client hopes each attend the supplier that bid, the urgent consign that is new pattern offers brushstroke additional bail. But the standard value that DTE company holds to it. It is very easy to such doing, very proper also, because this workshop has had the working job of this one client,this is not only, have the space that can defer, and the delivery time limits that because this workshop thinks the delivery time of 3 weeks is complete,still attributes its level, otherwise it won't make quoted price for such treatment task. Graph 3 tray change a system to be comprised by the tray of elaborate design, and these tray will be locked up to decide the matchs job shops of the Nextpage on receiver how to finish this kind of mixed pattern quickly treatment job in each machine tool deserve research. Its most effective technology is to use 5 axes treatment. In fact, treatment of 5 axes milling is the unique distinguishing feature in craft of this workshop treatment, it can achieve rapidder metallic cutting rate. For pressing to satisfying this workshop delivery time requirement, its are provided most meaning and better await choosing a technology is tray changes manufacturing technology, it is OK to use this kind of technology managing and many debug setting time, is spare handling time not merely. The tray of use Erowa company changes a system, on the tray that can make DTE company has been being designed beforehand, lock up workpiece critically those who decide a machine tool to match receiver aspirant travel treatment. Tray changes manufacturing technology to appear in this one workshop first, it is very crucial that this is machined to using 5 rods effectively. Any effective technologies have likewise important sense, the open state of mind of job shops as much very important. These technologies also can produce an effect to the industry outside the circle, among them an idea already above mention, use new technology appropriately namely. Another idea is synchronous project technology. Below these two kinds of circumstances, the method that this mould workshop adopts to speed, either be the focus overly centrally on high speed treatment or hold the post of how on the method that he can accelerate metallic cutting rate. Mr Berry says, it is actually over there, can find the way that can reduce date of delivery rarely. Contrary, the best method of managing date of delivery, greater part dispenses is other not quite specific work is concerned, accordingly, before major treatment task begins, mould workshop must complete this work. Graph the 4 repetition that have enough nicety locate precision, its debug a setting quick, change the part very easily technology of project of synchronism of another machine tool to be in DTE company from a machine tool, job of a job won't stay on any dot. This that is to say, to assuming personnel of any technology of a project of working job character, not should will work the task is protracted longer time. To decide all these, the workshop is right " project project " and " production project " undertook distinguishing, to any jobs the requirement uses two principles. Mr Berry says, the independence that should maintain a principle makes the task with brief chemical industry. Project engineer emphasizes particularly on at overall situation. This engineer regards this work for main essential factor, of definite pattern form, make each detail of the mould reachs necessary level in order to win the client's affirmation, then the rolled steel that order is mixed begin the basiccest treatment work. Next, manufacturing engineer establishs method of 3D cutting tool. Each job needs those who pass two engineers to pass, before having an any jobs, cutting treatment of the metal has begun. In fact, each job should pass two very able engineers to finish. The project engineers of DTE company have the educational level of Master level. And manufacturing engineers special devoted to the post of this company, pass ability of a kind of demonstration, with fast pace, formulate gives effective program. What coordinate each other with them is the staff member that same distinguishing feature has in the workshop. The mould inside DTE company makes work is the member that normally the mould on this literal meaning machines a person not merely, however inside DTE company workshop skilled staff member, their working ability also gets very high opinion, they can the treatment craft that intuitionistic test and verify weaves one kind quickly, make its try to carry out with due action. They still take time government seriously very much, because be here,did not attemper software. When should adding workpiece apace complexly to carry treatment district, the staff member of this workshop will meet this one challenge, divisional their preferential treatment order. Graph president Mr William Berry of 5 this workshops says: "I am not clear why any mould workshops do not want to use comprehensive 5 axes to machine. " machine tool of 5 axes treatment uses shorter cutting tool, and be below certain circumstance, replace ball tip pivot in order to make the same score bottom cutting tool to provide treatment to produce, make this workshop can undertake machining locking up lading surely be in this one fast treatment technology with rapidder rate, erowa company tray changes what the system can ensure fast and its are reliable to debug a setting, no matter be to be on the machining center of DTE company, still go up in EDM machine tool. The advantage of this system depends on it allowing any jobs to be in a series of move on the machine tool, be just as go up in same table machine tool in that way, move easily, won't increase the time that debugs a setting or the error that create a possibility. After tray is released to leave a machine tool, be gone to surely by quickly lock again on another machine tool, its defer time is very short. The play of this one advantage, changed the treatment efficiency of this workshop and thoughtway. In North America, DTE company also is one of first users that use this system. This one workshop used magnetic chuck even, come the pensile part that clamp and support exceed tray margin, the goal that achieved oversize spare parts to locate accurately on tray. Mr NextpageBerry says, job shops often processes capital waste the machine tool to go up in high speed. Debugging outfit card meticulously when operation personnel when a workpiece, if machine main shaft to must await, can ignore this high speed to machine the potential productivity of the machine tool so. extremely tall to precision machine tool, its case is basic also and similar. Job shops consciousness does not debug an error to may be accumulated easily to what cause by themselves more on high-end machine tool, affect machine tool precision thereby rise. Use tray to change treatment way, overcame the wasteful phenomenon of these domains. When machining spare parts of a mould, bypass traditional tone trial assembly blocks a process, this system can let a machine tool develop taller potential precision and productivity. Mr Berry says, executive tray changes treatment to produce is this workshop place those who adopt is the most important one pace. The use of this system improved the treatment efficiency of this workshop, can be certainly afresh inside a typical weekday, can expect to finish the treatment workload of how many. Graph 6 use 5 axes to machine a machine tool with better cost effectiveness, it is very crucial that tray changes a system. Use tray system, both neither needs to increase to debug setting time additionally, also won't produce an error, this kind of means is helpful for a machine tool make full use of cutting treatment uses outline to debug a setting quickly, laid a foundation finally for 5 axes treatment. In treatment of 5 axes milling, use two kinds of means to raise treatment rate: It is to let a workshop use shorter as better as tigidity cutting tool, in order to achieve the goal of treatment workpiece recess; 2 it is to let a workshop use flat bottom cutting tool to replace ball tip pivot to provide, undertake the cutting of wide range is machined. By Mikron company (present AgieCharmilles company) offerred machine tool, rotate in its drive of linear electric machinery is introduced on the axis, when making its are using flat bottom cutting tool to undertake accurate scanning is machined, can achieve the exercise that flowing chime moves. Tray changes treatment to produce to 5 axes the use of processing technique is very crucial, because this kind of machine tool is too expensive really,its mainest reason is, cannot let its have free time. Still have even if want to do, can let them do the work of rough machining anything but. Anyhow, this kind of machine tool must be used with efficient way, deserve to go up again after the system of Erowa company, want to have treatment job only, they can keep undertaking cutting is machined. Debugging a setting while, won't waste handling time. In fact, these machine tools are OK proceed its are exclusive valuable cutting works, the rough machining job that is worth because of low is OK finish on 3 axes machine tool, next workpiece quickly clamp arrives on 5 axes machine tool undertake finish machining works. DTE company carries this kind of kind, came true its are fast the total value of process capability. And it also is in one had achieved the career goal besides this one machine tool inside the craft limits of set. The measurement before treatment although the investment of company of mould technology engineering basically is cost on machining center, but this workshop still has a lot of moulds to need to use EDM machine tool to undertake machining. President Mr William Berry of this company says, in date of delivery very critical condition falls, use EDM electrode is special " terrible " , because its have particular error risk. An error that appears in a process of complex black lead electrode is processed in milling, or an error that appears when the process designing on the machine tool, when the likelihood makes an unqualified product to EDM treatment only, ability check fish comes. Head of scanning of a laser is measuring A an EDM is here with electrode B, an EDM machine tool is machining a simple aperture. Tray spends the mutual couple that processes system and system of automation EDM process designing, make method of this one treatment more more effective than using drilling machine to machine the viewpoint according to Mr Berry, use a coordinate to measure machine will never have any senses. He says, a spare parts examines after be being machined, won't increase any value. Contrary, bought a 3 coordinate to measure really finally when this workshop after machine, before it just also is used at treatment examine. Specific for, all EDM electrode that uses in the workshop, want every weeks to had used hundreds of electrode, the 3 coordinate that passed Brown&Sharpe company now are measured of machine examine, should measure machine use by Metris company (call Nikon Metrology the company now) head of offerred scanning of blame contact laser. With the geometrical appearance of electrode of test and verify of this kind of means, few to the influence of delivery time. 3 coordinate measure the electrode checking program of machine to be able to be generated automatically. In fact, DTE company also has been the programming that founds EDM machine tool automatically the system of itself, because this uses each electrode correctly, cause factitious error not easily. Machine this one electrode craft, change a system to be united in wedlock together with tray, had created a few economic benefits that disobey intuition for the workshop. If plan institute is shown, a simple aperture used machine of an EDM heavy aperture to undertake machining, is not to resemble any guess intuitionisticly in that way, should use get the method that cuts treatment. However, mr Berry points out, use auger cut treatment place is only can managing will be treatment cycle time. But in the bore on drilling machine or machining center, still need to be participated in artificially. Contrary, if become,an EDM machine tool just is in at biding one's time the circumstance of condition falls, let its participate in the treatment production of bore diameter, so the EDM discharge that uses DTE firm machines craft, can achieve the rate of flawless, won't have any harm. Use means of this kind of treatment, can put employee solution, make their attention is centered in the working job that has higher value. CNC Milling