Machine of accurate laser beam machining reachs his to use example

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Machine of laser beam machining basically is machining common small plate to develop to domain of accurate treatment, metalloid treatment by the past. As a result of the improvement of itself of machine of laser beam machining, and the progress that controls function, processing technique and laser generator (power of shortwave laser output, output power is large change etc) , laser beam machining is extending vaster domain increasingly. In recent years, as a result of the flying development of IT industry, and the addition that the enterprise machines demand to new material, special material, enlarging application of laser beam machining ceaselessly at the market demand of superprecision. Company of industry of Japanese acerbity grain already had the history of machine of laser beam machining of about 30 years of production, sale, can produce current model not only, still can the worker worker that according to client demand custom-built treatment system reachs automation line to go up treatment system. The article combines a few typical products of this company, reach its to apply example to make one introduction to machine of accurate laser beam machining. The product that is used at superprecision (1) LAMICS laser - water knife is compound company of industry of treatment system acerbity grain is Japan produce engine of treatment of machine of laser beam machining and water knife exclusively at the same time the manufacturer of two kinds of products. LAMICS (Laser Aqua-Jet Micro-Cutting System) the system is the compound treatment system that Japan integrates these two kinds of technologies the earliest application. This system carries spray head the high-pressured current like ejective filament (eject water itself does not have cut ability) , guide laser in water, the laser in using water undertakes cut is machined. This system has the following characteristic: Because ① is in Laser Cutting while undertake gush water cools, because this is in whole treatment process, the spare parts won't be reacted by hot influence and generation oxidation. ② can prevent the environmental pollution that melt powder arises when cut and causes and generation burr. ③ is OK flawless ground cut all sorts of brittleness material. ④ can form total reflection in water as a result of laser, because this is differ,decide need and focal coincide. ⑤ is cut seam width very narrow, section can arise scarcely tilt. When treatment, can choose the laser of different wavelengh according to machining an object, be like fiber-optic laser (wavelengh 1080nm) , green laser (wavelengh 532nm) , UV laser (wavelengh 355nm) etc. This system basically applies to cut to machine chamfer of chamfer of motherboard of silicon chip, filmy, sapphirine, copperplate to wait, and the treatment of a variety of types such as film of purify rusty spot, report. The material of a few workpiece that to doing type laser beam machining can produce high fever inevitably and can be affected, way of this kind of treatment is very efficient. The introduction machines the example of silicon brilliant circle with LAMICS system below. Silicon brilliant circle is the main base material of electronic component. In recent years, the requirement as much stratification of mobile phone and circuit of large scale integration (curve gender, cascade sex) , silicon brilliant circle also is becoming light to attenuate (decrease by original 700 μ M thin arrive under 50 μ M) . But, because silicon brilliant circle is brittleness material, machine ply with traditional microtome cut when the substrate under 50 μ M, very easy generation is broken reach tiny flaw. Mix when thermal stress when curving the mechanical outside force such as stress to bring to bear on to go up at substrate, can appear small break expands, in-house circuit decides the great quality issue such as the line. With LAMICS system cut when brilliant of thick silicon of 50 μ M is round, cut machines a condition to be: Stimulate smooth wavelengh: 532nm; Laser outputs power: 8.

5W; High-pressured water pressure: 13MPa; Nozzle diameter: 50 μ M; Machine speed: 50mm/s; Silicon brilliant circle fits clip pattern: LAMICS special adhesive plaster. When treatment, cut width is 40 μ M about, few generation is drossy reach tiny flaw. The nozzle of as a result of high-pressured water jet generation shrinks spread effect, diameter of cylinder of gush water mouth is contractible the 70 % that are nozzle diameter - 80 % . Accordingly, cut width is less than nozzle diameter. The silicon that can see by the SEM photograph of cut section laser beam machining stays is deliquescent trace, and circumjacent position is affected in the be heated of more decimal than gush water mouth micron, can see cooling effect. In addition, can affirm, because solute is adherent less, also have the effect of clean treatment. (2) SILAS-SAM exceeds SILAS-SAM of machine of accurate CO2 laser beam machining to exceed machine of accurate laser beam machining to match stock RF to reflex generator of oscillation of laser of fold type CO2 in machine upper part. SPL3905 used workbench to be in the layout means that head of shift of X axis direction, treatment moves in Y axis direction, used steep drive electric machinery. And SPL2305 used ball silk lever to drive workbench the layout means that in XY axis head of mobile, treatment secures. Because RF reflexes laser of fold type CO2 discharge range is narrower, close to cool in the gas of generator interior the effect is very good, because this does not need heat exchanger and ventilator. Compare with other CO2 laser, its bulk is more cabinet, have stable high output power, can obtain wonderful odd weaveform (M2 < 1.

3) . In addition, laser of CO2 of reflection fold type still has the following characteristic: The range of small treatment etc that ① can use mode of high quality beam of light to undertake can inhibition heat affecting is machined extensively; Aperture of the smallest treatment can amount to ② φ 0.

1mm (because of material, board thick and differ somewhat) ; ③ need not stimulate phosgene body to exchange; ④ laser life expects to be worth > 2000 hours; Set of ⑤ in-house shot need not be adjusted, change and maintain. SILAS-SAM exceeds the main use of machine of accurate laser beam machining to include: Cut (metal, colophony, lumber, paper, textile, glass, plastic etc) solder (alloy, colophony) , sculpture (balata, colophony) , stiletto (presswork circuit board, pottery and porcelain, alloy, paper) , depict (pottery and porcelain) . It is the example of a few treatment of machine of SILAS-SAM laser beam machining below: ① motor core: Use line cut means to undertake jackknife so (20 - 30) treatment, handling time long, efficiency is low (the need before treatment undertakes overlaping workpiece is operated) , and the limitation that is used precision of electrode silk appearance. Convert after SILAS-SAM is machined, treatment speed is accelerated, productivity rises substantially, can realize automation treatment. ② glasses casing: Use so establish the milling cutter adornment that has glasses circle to machine, because get cutting tool is the smallest the limitation of the problem such as the diameter, put in the place that a few cutting tool cannot machine and appearance. Convert after SILAS-SAM is machined, can realize imperceptible adornment treatment already, can shorten again working procedure. ③ pottery and porcelain: Easy generation is interstitial when alumina pottery and porcelain, nitrogen changes the material such as aluminium to be heated up an influence. Depict treatment is SILAS-SAM most one of adept treatment means. If photograph place is shown, can use at high speed to machine the deep aperture of petty span. The treatment of surface of ④ high quality: The facula diameter of laser but focusing arrives φ 0.

1mm is the following, because this can have the treatment of high quality surface, quality of its cut section is equivalent to the quality that machines 3 times with line cut, still can improve manufacturing efficiency at the same time. The custom-built product that contented client asks (1) machine of the mixture that series of HP-E of Wu Cang of machine of laser beam machining of high-powered CO2 of series of fierce Tibet HP-E is high quality, low cost laser beam machining, equiped generator of high-powered laser of flow pattern of middling speed helical axis. Model of series of Wu Cang HP-E has the following characteristic: ① is in in reflexing the exterior and optical system from oscillator lase, lens used open mode structure, maintain easily. ② treatment head was deployed can absorb exterior percussive to injure inductor, can machine what because pound,be damaged the head to maintain cost to be controlled the smallest. ③ is machining the installation inside head around and treatment desktop send wind and aspiration unit, can improve aspiration result. Oscillator of gyroidal axis flow pattern has the middling speed that this type deploys the following characteristic: ① uses rated output power to be the SOL20V laser oscillator of 2kW, when use SUS304 does not have large board of oxidation cut 6mm, requires auxiliary gas is not worth 1MPa. ② laser gas makes helix move inside oscillation canal, improvement optical system can make laser amplitude increases, oscillation power rises, can realize low cost treatment. Service life of ③ in-house lens can amount to 8000 hours. ④ regards treatment as the machine of laser beam machining of general metal plate, can undertake arriving from thin plate already thick board high quality treatment, stimulate beam of light to machine mode because of what have high output power, high quality again, because this also can be used at all sorts of treatment beyond Sheet Metal Fabrication. It is example of a few treatment below. Toothed treatment: Curium piece use punch and means of cutting combination treatment, use laser, can cut treatment figuration is toothed outside the circle arrives alveolar. Additional, because stimulate course of beam of light to optimize, the treatment quality of toothed and sharp edge and cut section all very good, came true to be out of shape very small treatment. The treatment of vycor: Vycor treatment is more sensitive to heating up an influence, because used mode of high quality laser and the special camera lens that machine aperture, can machine via continuously on vycor and won't produce crackle, compare with machining photograph, improved productivity. Develop the treatment of pattern plate: Treatment is used at inserting Shangmusen when the pattern plate slit of the knife, use the special laser mode that machines strong pattern plate to have cut, the strong pattern plate that treatment gives can extrude taper edge, still can produce carbonization effect, raise the durable sex of knife model. In addition, regard device of Laser Cutting of glass of liquid crystal TV as used laser oscillator, after using oscillator of flow pattern of middling speed helical axis, with before monomer cut photograph is compared, treatment damaged decreases. (2) L6 freeboard L of machine of fast CO2 laser beam machining 6 model the CO2 laser oscillator that exceeded machine of laser beam machining of high speed, high accuracy to deploy 1kW, the treatment head shift in direction of X, Y introduces drive of linear servo electric machinery. Machines and tools of L6 laser beam machining has the following characteristic: ① can is opposite SS (19mm) , SUS (12mm) with aluminium (8mm) wait for material to undertake high speed, high accuracy is machined exceeding. ② machines a head to move in direction of X, Y with drive of linear servo electric machinery, can realize the speed speed of 300m/min and acceleration of 2G above D1. ③ can be on the SS material of ply 1mm, minutely treatment 1000 φ 0.

The aperture of 8mm. ④ machine weight is 29 tons, use O casing structure, mechanical tigidity is good. ⑤ has the function that 3 axes are machining the shift between the position at the same time, can realize efficient treatment. ⑥ but real time monitoring machines head position, adjust laser accordingly bundle, in workbench accordingly any positions all can undertake high quality is machined. With the laser that machines at cut, the technical reform of saltant sex was accomplished inside these several years. Ceaseless acumen ground captures market demand, answer the demand of the user neatly, it is the mission of our manufacturer. Henceforth, regard integrated machinery plant as business, just not be in domain of laser beam machining, the hope can develop all sorts of market fields, achieve saltant sex progress. CNC Milling