Agile ground undertakes turning and annulus chamfer turning

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Use " TriForce " clamp system undertakes annulus chamfer turning can realize tall stiffness, high accuracy and Gao Rou sex cutting off mixing. Develop by the company of fossil of report of 3 water chestnut that is located in Meerbusch " TriForce " clamp system basically is aimed at cut off and design, have very tall stiffness and precision. In addition, this clamp system was used modular design, can choose a variety of cutting tool, and the stability that won't affect cutting tool and stiffness. Because the range of optional cutting tool is very big, be able to have a variety of treatment thereby, provide efficiency the clamp with taller, better precision serves. This clamp system can make of razor blade of type of such as dislocation modular package is able to secure on 3 direction, in order to raise the stiffness of cutting tool, accord with the requirement of integral type knife handle. Use system of this kind of clamp to still can reduce the stocks of costly integral type knife handle further. Modular the design has very good interchangeability, can satisfy the treatment requirement of all sorts of length and cutting tool. Arrive from 2 millimeter 6.

5 millimeter in all 10 norms can offer an alternative. Round horn radius shares 4 standard type to be able to offer an alternative, limits from 0.

2 millimeter arrive 0.

8 millimeter. In addition still 5 kinds break bits differently implement can offer an alternative, in order to satisfy grooving, cut off, the requirement of annulus chamfer cutting and outline turning. Through using high grade coating material VP10RT and VP20RT, good clamp control and higher exterior quality realized when undertaking machining to stainless steel. The exterior treatment that is aimed at horniness rolled steel still can use the CBN cubic nitrogen that takes MB8025 coat to turn boracic material. CNC Milling