Kang Wo transducer applies mediumly in centrifugal

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1, foreword industry centrifugal is chemical travel owner wants one of facility, its basically pass centrifugal force effect to depart solid fluid, general by wait for a few parts into knife of makings, catharsis, dehydrate, draw together, discharge, waiting for a part into knife of makings, catharsis, draw together, discharge among them is control through a powerful person of electromagnetism a powerful person, pneumatic, centrifugal boiler is the main part that implements solid fluid depart, pass belt-conveyor by electric machinery of a three-phase. Beginning level stock according to craft characteristic basically is solid fluid mixture, the load when just starting is opposite bigger, when reaching certain rotate speed the liquid is below the action of centrifugal force by centrifugal outside side is poured out of, such partial liquids are come out by depart first, as electric machinery rotate speed rise further, load also is reduced accordingly. It is a few different rotate speed to move to depart in order to achieve according to be versed in Zhi is divided commonly the effect. Sketch map of structure of centrifugal of 3 sufficient vertical is shown as follows: 2, the transducer application on centrifugal   2.

Of 1 transducer application put forward in last few years transducer controls device as a kind of industry updating development ceaselessly, all trades and professions is having wide application. What control a technology as theory of control of technology of electric power electron, frequency conversion, personal computer is ceaseless and mature, ceaseless and perfect, function also enhances the performance of transducer ceaselessly: Be like multistage fast, but process designing moves automatically, communication, this is used so that transducer can get used to a variety of application circumstances. According to the manufacturing technology of centrifugal, what can use transducer is multistage fast function control will come true, additionally transducer is contained commonly inside unit or buy apply the brake is exterior make unit, this can solve centrifugal to be in when jockeying because of inertial create the problem with jockey difficult greatly. 2.

The applied centrifugal load on centrifugal is transducer of 2 series of Kang Wo G2 constant torsion is big inertial and responsible, the torsion of G2 series constant that major of company of Shenzhen Kang Wo chooses to produce here transducer. It is 22KW with electric machinery power, 4 very exemple, choose CVF-G2-4T0220, its control circuit to be as follows: Among them X1 is Kang Wo to X3 transducer is muti_function control terminal, serve as here multistage fast choice terminal is used, choose 3 paragraphs according to need fast namely low speed moves, middling speed moves reach high speed to move, specific traversal speed can pass the parameter of set photograph correspondence, the apply the brake that CVF-BU-4T0220 produces for major of Kang Wo company is unit, its principle sees 4 explain. 2.

1 Kang Wo transducer is main parameter set basis centrifugal load performance, set is the following and main parameter: B-0=1 runs parameter B-1=1 number to give B-2=0.

B-7=150 of   of rated frequency of electric machinery of rated voltage B-6=50 quickens electric machinery of B-5=380 of option of moving order of B-3=1 of   of set of 0 initiative frequency B-9=0 of time of time B-8=150 slowdown adds L-0=0 of decelerate means   to choose L-7=2 of compensation of torsion of constant torsion L-1=5 to start decelerate of frequency   L-11=0 to jockey L-18=10 L-19=30 of the first speed L-20=50 of   of the 2nd speed: Functional terminal (X2 X1) corresponding and multistage initiative speed of speed   0 0 is 0 1 of 0     1 0 of   of   of L-18 of the first speed 1 1 of   of   of L-19 of the 2nd speed   of   of L-20 of the 3rd speed 2.

The applied centrifugal with 2 Kang Wo unit apply the brake is big inertial load, when using transducer to control, ask to increase unit of apply the brake to just can satisfy a requirement. The electric machinery when knowing the rotate speed of synchronism of prep above of actual rotate speed when electric machinery by the moving character of electric machinery some fortune goes in dynamo condition, when the output that centrifugal begins to stop the transducer when machine frequency begins to drop by slowdown time, right now as a result of laden and inertial centrifugal rotate speed changes not quite, cause electric machinery rotate speed of synchronism of prep above of actual rotate speed, electric machinery is in dynamo condition, by transducer advocate loop knows, on the C1 of filter wave capacitance that the energy that right now feedback of electric machinery side returns feedbacks the D1-D6 of diode of follow on current that passes inversion loop to shed loop continuously, C2, at this moment the bus voltage UD of transducer can lift (namely pump rises tension) , if do not waste this part energy, exorbitant pump rises voltage to will use transducer occurrence protection, can damage even transducer, must add component of outfit outfit apply the brake to waste the energy that electric machinery feedbacks as soon as possible, the unit of CVF-BU series apply the brake that electric company major produces Shenzhen Kang Wo applies to all sorts of general transducer, if its sketch map pursues 3, when unit of apply the brake control loop detects its are controlled when dc generatrix voltage reachs one value switch canal IGBT is enlightened, the energy of the feedback that RB of resistor of apply the brake receives electric machinery of loop lieutenant general is used up go up in resistor. 3 debug an attention problem basis centrifugal load performance, the attention answers when debugging: 3.

Demand of starting torsion of 1 centrifugal load is higher, the likelihood appears starting difficulty circumstance, the torsion that can promote transducer appropriately at this moment compensates a value, parameter of set of set of Kang Wo G2 is L-1, but starting torsion is compensated cannot too big, may have appeared to flow otherwise (breakdown code is ER03) , overload (breakdown code is ER09) etc call the police, if had appeared in quicken,flow call the police (breakdown code is ER01) should lengthen appropriately quicken time. 3.

2 centrifugal are inertial big, if want transducer to jockey by slowdown time, must add unit of outfit apply the brake, the choice of resistor of its apply the brake has on manual of specification of general transducer manufacturer, can choose according to handling notebook, because waste energy,resistor of the apply the brake when regular job is met and give out heat, if the conference when decelerate has appeared,press call the police (breakdown code is ER05) can lengthen parameter of slowdown time B-8 appropriately. 3.

Installation of 3 general centrifugal is operating the site, much stage transducer centers park control is indoor, if the spot is apart from scheming,the limit that transducer passes since the distance should adopt relevant processing measure, be like reasonable distributing advocate loop line and control, add outfit output reactance or filter in case the attenuation of transducer output voltage, or the size that considers to increase transducer. 4 conclusion centrifugal uses frequency control to be able to ask to undertake timing according to different technology, according to stock differ to choose conveniently multistage fast move, what use frequency conversion to dominate implementation electric machinery at the same time is soft start the impact that lessens pair of electrified wire netting, transducer has been had stream, overload, press too wait for rich protective function, appear when load or electric machinery unusual when transducer stops because of breakdown aircraft is fast block output, can protect electric machinery in time so. Contemporary transducer has communication function, feel control of screen, PLC to be able to raise centrifugal product class to promote the market competition ability through man-machine interface. CNC Milling