Treatment of cut of numerical control line is aluminous a common problem and means of settlement

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Machine tool of electric spark form cutting is mixed by fluid of head of lathe bed and pillar, workbench, main shaft, job working fluid filters circularly the partial composition such as head of orgnaization of feed of power source of system, pulse, servo, main shaft and workbench accessory. (1) lathe bed and lathe bed of pillar     and pillar are infrastructure, ensure by it the mutual position between electrode and workbench, workpiece. The discretion of positional precision has immediate effect to treatment, if the precision of the machine tool is not tall, treatment precision also assures hard. Accordingly, not only the construction of lathe bed and pillar should be reasonable, have taller stiffness, can bear the force that main shaft loads and athletic component moves suddenly quickly, return what should reduce temperature change to cause to be out of shape. (Workbench of   of 2) workbench   basically uses bearing and outfit clip work. In be machined actually, even if transverse silk staff comes,change the relative position of electrode and workpiece through roll. Workbench jacket has working fluid case, in order to contains working juice, make electrode and workpiece immerse in working fluid, have the cooling, effect that discharge bits. Workbench is handlers installs clip to search when the component that often moves, pass mobile fluctuation slide, change vertical transverse position, achieve electrode and tool an asks relative position. (A crucial part that head of main shaft of   of   of head of 3) main shaft is machine tool of electric spark form cutting, go up in the structure by servo feed orgnaization, direct and prevent twist orgnaization, auxiliary orgnaization 3 parts composition. In order to controls the discharge clearance between workpiece and tool electrode. The stand or fall of main shaft head affects the technology index of treatment directly, be like precision of productivity, geometry and exterior surface roughness, be like next requirement: to main shaft head accordingly? ? ) the axial with have certain and side direction stiffness and precision; 2) have enough feed and pick up speed; 3) the linearity that main shaft moves and prevent it is good to turn round function; 4) sensitivity wants tall, without creeping phenomenon; 5) have bear the weight of reasonably the ability of electrode quality. Our country is early the main shaft head that in time of 20 centuries 60~70 Ceng An extensive uses feed of hydraulic pressure servo is like DYT - L, DYT - 2 model, use a pace generally already to enter electromotor, dc electromotor or communication servo electromotor to make the main shaft head of feed drive at present. (Do the working fluid of machine tool of treatment of 4) electric spark and loop filter does the action of fluid of the job when is electric spark of systematic     machined have: of the following respects? ? ) the insulation position that discharge clearance regains after discharge ends (disappear ionization) , so that next pulse voltage forms scintilla discharge again. For this requirement working fluid has particular insulation strength, its resistor rate is between L03~106 Ω Cm. 2) make electric corrode child is hanged more easily from inside discharge clearance float, excrete go out, lest discharge clearance is polluted badly, bring about scintilla to discharge dot does not disperse and form harmful electric arc discharge. 3) cooling tool electrode and the local high temperature that drop generation of discharge of workpiece surface instantaneous, otherwise the surface can produce knot charcoal, burn because of local overheat to form electric arc discharge. 4) working fluid returns passageway of compressible scintilla discharge, increase what gas, plasma compresses in the passageway to expand reach explosive power, fuse in order to cast a more and enrage the metal that melted, increase corrode to divide an amount. Use kerosene to regard the job of electric spark form cutting as fluid at present, because the resistor rate of new kerosene is 106 Ω Cm, and in use, be between L05~104 Ω Cm, and stabler, the function such as tension of its viscosity, density, surface also accords with the requirement that electric spark machines in the round. Kerosene is easy nevertheless catch fire. When because this is become,thick plan is machined definitely, should use the working liquid of engine oil or mix into engine oil. (Forming machine of 5) electric spark the action of the power source of pulse of   of   of pulse power source of the bed is the energy that changes labour frequency alternating current into need of place of clearance of supply scintilla discharge comes corrode divides a metal. The technical economic norms such as the speed of quality of the productivity that pulse power source machines to electric spark, surface, treatment, stability that machines a process and tool electrode loss has very big effect. Gain ground now model       (economy) machine tool of electric spark treatment uses power source of pulse of transistor of high low-pressure multiple, medium, high-grade electric spark machines a machine tool to use personal computer to digitlize pilot pulse power source, and interior is put plan of electric spark treatment allows a database, can be installed through personal computer and call each file thick, medium, finish machining compasses allows parameter. (The treatment of electric spark of   of servo feed   of machine tool of treatment of 6) electric spark and cutting treatment are different, belong to " do not contact treatment " . When normal electric spark is machined, there is S of one discharge clearance between tool and workpiece. If gap is too big, pulse voltage is attacked do not wear the insulation job fluid between clearance, won't produce scintilla to discharge, must make electrode tool is down feed, be equal to till clearance S or be less than some to be worth (general S = 0.


01mm, concern definitely with treatment plan) , ability puncture produces scintilla to discharge. When normal electric spark is machined, workpiece is divided by corrode ceaselessly with the speed of W of       , clearance S will expand gradually, must make electrode tool compensates feed with speed D, in order to maintain a needed discharge clearance. If feed D is more than the corrode of workpiece to divide W of   of speed     , criterion clearance S taper, be equal to even 0, form short circuit. Spend a hour when clearance, must reduce feed speed D. If between tool workpiece once short circuit (S = 0) , must make the tool is answered quickly reversely with   of bigger   of speed D   retreat, eliminate short circuit position, be down feed afresh again subsequently, adjust requires discharge clearance. This is the problem that place of treatment of normal electric spark must solve. CNC Milling