Hollow the method blowing model of the machine that blow model is analytic

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Dispatch of net of machine tool of Chinese numerical control: Model is blown in two footwork in, wait for the data that blow model to be in WLK consolidate odd axis advocate be blown beforehand in the machine that blow model model becomes the particle that makes an appointment with 40mm large and small, use NZ follow-up next second the machine that blow model is blown further the terminal grain that model makes 10mm of about 3 ~ , this is to be about playing model material beforehand sub blow model and depict all the more. Present breakdown to prevent to blow model, need to crusher sequentially proper feed in raw material, and these demand are operated through handiwork ensure hard commonly. Once feed makings excessive, general meeting is caused blow model inhomogenous, fit shakes, and the show effect that be accompanying has high mark noise, the stock that its achievement causes stock to accumulate namely or is being destroyed causes its heat energy because of conflict to weaken. In addition, about the taller sensitivity of annoy sex data, and form the general taller razor blade that replaces bit again and again to wear away to still remain observation. Compare to it, 2 footwork blow model to be able to make advocate the machine that blow model is not successional feed in raw material, here the result that hopper produced bumper. With this kind of method hello stuff is right a complete set of produces flow undertakes optimizing a meaning serious, because those operate personnel need not or else operates the aircraft that blow model continuously, make its can work at other next. Through a drill that stops switch accuse, the particle that blows model beforehand is joined admirably now NZ sub in the machine that blow model. Of two machine that blow model put can choose to be in for another upper part or one is in another later. Sub the exercise principle of machine of cut of basis of the machine that blow model works, and depict to blow the particle of model beforehand only. Than at general model the machine that blow model, bulk of the 2nd acting machine that blow model wants small much, need to depend on only less overall drive energy. Because its are fed makings is even, work with the rotate speed of approximate 450min-1, never amiss fit. When be being destroyed the 2nd times when be used at playing model material beforehand when a such machine that blow model, the noise level that breaks out than at rotate speed same (the one footwork treatment of N=450-500min-1) also wants low much. CNC Milling