Turning machines hot error generation and compensation method

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Summary: It is the nicety in getting used to contemporary machinery to make and superprecision technology requirement, the article passes what compensate technical definition and main character to the error to discuss, the reason that analysed turning to machine hot error to arise undertook classified to turning machining error, offerred the compensation means of the error. Contemporary and mechanical production technology forward efficient, high quality, high accuracy, tall compositive develop with tall intelligence direction. Accurate the mainest component in already becoming contemporary machinery to make with superprecision technology and development direction, make the crucial technology that increases international competition capacity. Turning machining error also made the popular task of research as the wide application of accurate treatment. Because be in all sorts of errors of the machine tool, hot error and geometrical error are holding the majority, reason in order to reduce these two errors especially among them hot error became main target. The error compensates a technology (Error Compensation Technjque, abbreviation ECT) appears as the ceaseless development of science and technology and development rises. By the machine tool heat is out of shape the loss that cause is quite big. System of compensation of hot error of the high accuracy that reason pole is necessary to develop can contented factory to produce a demand actually, low cost will amend main shaft (or workpiece) with the hot error between cutting cutting tool, machine precision in order to raise a machine tool, reduce waste, increase manufacturing efficiency and economic benefits. Fundamental definition and compensatory of error of characteristic and fundamental definition define error compensatory basically is factitious ground go to give a kind of new error to go quits or greatly abate the primitive error that becomes an issue currently, through analysis, statistic, Baconian reach the characteristic that masters primitive error and rule, build error maths model, the sum of errors that makes be caused artificially as far as possible is primitive the numeric and equal, way with both error is opposite, reduce machining error thereby, raise precision of spare parts dimension. The earliest error compensation comes true through hardware. Hardware compensation belongs to mechanical to secure compensation, want to change compensation to must make component, corrective feet or readjust compensate an orgnaization afresh when machine tool error produces change. Hardware compensation has the drawback with error of insoluble random sex, flexible lack again. The software of latter development compensates its characteristic is the case that making any altering to machine tool itself falls, apply integratedly the advanced technique of each course and computer control technology raise a machine tool to machine precision now. Software compensation overcame hardware compensatory a lot of difficulty and defect, promote compensation technology to a new level. Is characteristic error compensated (technology) have: of two major attribute? Bath of silk ribbon of こ of protruding of cattail  courtyard? Offspringing Gou of Shan of crime  of ⒄ of Ping of difficult lever of Xi of border of ゼ of hook of Fan of cattail  dizzy Peng melt does bail of glare of  of department  Qi judge  of whetstone mansion ⒕ to exemplary does frequency of Э of lie of cook of  of part of the day of  of В of grapes of こ of Wan of  of Chinese alligator of  of camel of Ш of cultivate putting in order make a horizontal inscribed board is  planted? Tip of sprain of border of ゼ of hook of Fan of Peng of dream of emperor dispatch take along sth to sb jumps over Juan of  of coil of Jiao of detain of ǚ of  of money of vinegar of border of cloth of be good at dam of mace of ancient wine vessel of Xian Wan vertebra to pat Jiao mace to fall? of  of wooden  person 2 it is to use an error to compensate a technology, can solve " hard skill " the precision level; that cannot achieve normally 3 it is to satisfying certain precision to ask if use an error to compensate a technology,the circumstance falls, can reduce the cost that instrument and equipment make greatly, have very remarkable economic benefits. Turning machines hot error generation and classification to rise further as what ask to machine tool precision, the proportion in total error will increase hot error ceaselessly, machine tool heat is out of shape already became the main obstacle that raises treatment precision. Machine tool hot error is main by motor, bearing, drive, the heat of machine tool component that the heat source of machine tool inside and outside such as temperature of hydraulic pressure system, environment, cooling fluid causes is out of shape and cause. Between component of the production blemish that error of machine tool geometry comes from a machine tool, machine tool cooperate component of error, machine tool move, static change etc. The error amends remark of the place on basic method put together relevant bibliographical reference, knowable turning machining error causes by following element commonly: The error; cutting tool that machine tool heat is out of shape the force of cutting of geometrical error; of component of error; machine tool and structure is caused wears away source of error; other error, be like the servo error of machine tool shafting, error of algorithm of numerical control interpolation is waited a moment. Raise machine tool precision to there is: of two kinds of basic methods? Hold tight of Yan of garden of Tuo of level ground of bail of  of ü of discipline of Yun of scabbard of ㄊ of happy dog of Fu of Peng of N of ā of シ of hook of Fan of Peng of buttock of ê of Peng Fu happy dog breaks show off of ㄔ of happy dog of Fu of Peng of N of plinth of seal of Peng of Nai of Nai of provide for of swiftly of Tuo of   Gong joyous ǔ Tan Ren is unoccupied place miscellaneous. The research of conclusion and discussion turning machining error is contemporary machinery the mainest component in making and development direction, make the crucial technology that increases international competition capacity, the generation of the error is many sided, be helpful for raising turning precision and technical requirement to heating up the analysis of the error and research. The error compensates a technology to be able to satisfy a factory to produce the high accuracy of the requirement, low cost actually, technology of hot error compensation can amend main shaft (or workpiece) bleach an error with the heat between cutting cutting tool, raise a machine tool to machine precision, reduce waste, increase manufacturing efficiency and economic benefits. CNC Milling