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From 90 time metaphase up to now, industry pays close attention to the problem that eliminates metallic cutting cooling fluid thoroughly very, perhaps use minimum to lubricate at least (MQL) system. A few reasonable manage origin consider this one think of a way. But, what it does not resemble imagining formerly is simple in that way, a few clients are in the cutting process that reconsiders changing them whether completely. The article does the consideration cutting and minimum the knowable advantage of lubricant cutting and actual condition. Manufacturer of car of a Germany installed near future example of Europe a flexible product line a future life produces hub, lade and on this product line use manipulator uninstalls a spare parts, and use minimum lubricate technology. The total production time that leaves a group of hub according to saying to arrive from a group of hub is 43 seconds. Through using MQL system, emulsifying agent is carried with the rate of horary 80ml perforative to whole axis, and traditional cutting machines minutely need 300 litres of emulsifying agent. The machine tool comes true via be designed technically and be being built " pensile treatment " , accordingly, cut bits to be able to fall directly, and won't stick on the machine tool. The factory of secret service of auspicious of the Ci that bind side in masses Motor Corporation, those who use technology of infeed grinding doing type to make them is new-style " pump / nozzle " the v camshaft of diesel engine. The material of camshaft is 16MnCr5, achieves public errand must be less than 5/100mm. Had developed special cutting tool to be engaged in this grinding machining. The similar point that notes these two example please -- the machine tool that cannot use traditional design already, also cannot use existing cutting tool. To use dry cutting or MQL cutting technology, need plans beforehand, design, technical production skill and investment, this weakened dry type or MQL cutting technology on certain level the cost advantage of principle of more conventional treatment. The account that uses dry type and MQL metal cutting considers to do type and minimum to lubricate (MQL) metal cutting, be like below a few equitable argument: The cost that 1) cuts fluid -- 7 what the newest statistic data that comes from Germany shows the cost that concerns with cutting fluid is equivalent to producing cost entirely.

5% And 17% . As the growth of cost of oil raw material, the price that the trend is cooling fluid is in before long continue to grow in the future. 2) environment cost -- the cutting liquid that processing has used and the cost that the place that cut bits costs and relevant zoology duty are increasing. Manufacturing business people the short-term cleanness that cares the ground of pair of its factories, machine tool and oily mist to gather facility not only, return a care to be opposite at the same time all round the health of the cost of long-term environment cleanness of land and workers. Because do not have cooling fluid pump, achieved managing the sources of energy so. Service life of 3) cutting tool -- with cast-iron or the grinding photograph of cast steel is compared, dry cutting makes cutting tool service life increased 20% . The cutting tool in use life test of certain use MQL shows cutting tool life grew even more 50% , specific depend on speed of treatment process, cutting and feed. Because MQL system will produce the oily mist that forms by tiny oil drop,this is, it goes up to cutting area through eject of cutting tool center, make cut bits to keep clear of more easily, and prevent particle stick on cutting cutting tool (graph 1) . Graph 1: In bore process, the handling time with the cooling fluid faster 4) that MQL system provides most advanced eject to give droplet to the knife -- through using data of heat-resisting cutting tool, for example carbide, and higher main shaft rotate speed, the speed fast 50 - 100% that does cutting to compare traditional wet cutting. 5) does not have cooling fluid pulverization -- use dry cutting or MQL cutting, the user can maintain factory environment very clean, have aerosol and taste hardly. This is helpful for the health of cleanness and workers. Although above reason looks quite charming, but, before using large investment cost to have change, still must consider a few real cases. We will treat these actual conditions, how does the cooling fluid technology with newest at the same time consideration have the advantage like dry type or system of MQL metal cutting. The actual condition of dry type and system of MQL metal cutting uses cooling fluid (no matter be pure oil or grease mixture) metallic cutting realized the following function, include cooling machine tool, adjust machine tool cutting tool, make lubricate between cutting tool and workpiece, rinse cut bits. Dry treatment and MQL system whether provide same function? Actual condition treats in light of us: 1) although cost of cutting fluid raw material is high and still be in growth, but the machine tool with dry type and MQL system special need and structural design, keep clear of in order to help cut bits, cooling machine tool and main shaft. Business of a lot of machine tool production are indecisive, dare not redesign new machine tool and auxiliary equipment thoroughly (for example complex MQL system [graph 2]) . Graph 2: Because the blueprint 2) of a system of 2 passageways MQL that is about to get on to the machine tool by installation introduced the pure oil of new low pulverization, macrobian life cooling system, be in the first time after the expenditure that buys cooling fluid, additional lubricating oil buys charge to fall lowest. By for many times the example of record and narrate is in namely Dailemu - the product of lube of Ecocut HFN-LE series that Kelaisile uses Fuchs firm inside the plant of several Germany engine of Motor Corporation. 3) passes fluid of use unconventional cutting -- include ester kind, environmental cost decreases significantly. The technical advantage of these products includes to have the property of cleaner, dispersive agent, low epispastic, fast deflate, catch fire the point is opposite taller and surface layer is compatible. Be based on vegetable lubricating oil but rapid by biology degradation, below most circumstance, lube is decomposed namely inside 21 days, do not have the trouble back at home of long-term cleanness so. These lube also had gotten improvement, have the characteristic of low pulverization, conduce to short-term cleanness. Fuchs Petroleum Company already developed Planto series cooling fluid, they are to be based on floral refrigeration lube, huge success was gained in the whole world. (Graph 3) . Use new-style and energy-saving pump year of power consumption with reducing a machine tool greatly. Graph 3: Rapeseed cropland, the 4) of oil of a kind of nature radical that uses in the Planto series product of Fuchs has certain cutting tool only, basically be milling cutter and built-in razor blade, can use dry cutting and MQL cutting. Get deep Kong Hai to be put in the question with quite big move, because embarrass,cut bits in order to keep clear of. Aluminium alloy undertakes Gan Xi hard, because of heated of petty the particle that cut bits, stick easily on cutting cutting tool, such meetings shorten significantly the service life of cutting tool. 5) uses dry type and MQL system to be able to shorten handling time, but a few limit a condition, for example the successive cutting of impossible CEO time. One of functions that remember cooling fluid are cooling workpiece, cutting tool, cut bits and machine tool. When quick treatment, the high temperature of these area is very dangerous to handlers (the exterior temperature that cuts bits is as high as 800 Celsius) , and can make workpiece beforehand sclerotic or be out of shape, as a result of machine tool, pillar and cutting tool expand bring about work measure to produce change (graph 4) . MQL cannot drop cutting temperature. Dry type cutting causes noise pollution in factory environment. Use cooling fluid rinses workpiece and cutting area to be able to remove this kind of a lot of issues. Graph 4: Dry type cutting can make although system of dry type and MQL cutting eliminated cooling fluid mist,edge temperature is as high as 800 Celsius 5) , but manufacturing business and handlers people a of the care main problem is metallic dust. IPT is in Germany inferior the dust that when treasure casts material to milling tradition, produces undertook metrical, the result shows every machine 1000 grams material to will arise 4.

5 grams reach its petty dust. The biggest allowing a value is 6 Mg/m3 of MAK threshold value. Although can design the machine tool into much to use perpendicular face, use face of brush cleanness level, but treatment dust can pile up to go up in slideway face, in entering aperture, adherent go up in sensor and window, make the movement of the machine tool becomes very difficult. With compress air or dry ice blast this kind of practice is highbrow, cost is high, and the problem of dust of meeting aggravate metal. Of metallic dust adhering to also is a when bring about service life of cutting cutting tool to shorten main reason (graph 5) . Graph 5: Gear does the close-up of type cutting hob, hob surface adhered to metallic dust is final, MQL system applies to narrower applied range only, do not agree with serial production line uses an occasion. Conclusion a lot of machine tool handlers people the way that continueing to will do type cutting and MQL system to regard is cleanness of a kind of managing cooling fluid, environment, health and manufacturing cost. If original traditional and cooling system was replaced really, so OK and managing. But, use dry type or MQL system, apparent conference appears a series of new issues that overcome not easily. Technology of new cooling fluid, if LE(is low,pollute) cooling fluid, be based on additive of vegetable lubricating oil, point, loop to wait can make handlers people below the case that using traditional machine tool and cooling fluid system, gain a lot of as same as dry type or MQL system environments, health and product cost good point. When changeover does type or MQL system to, cannot " resemble so in that way " use tradition machine tool and cutting tool, need considers special item and investment. In have long below the circumstance of successive cutting, and in applying with honing in aperture of polishing, bore with a reamer, do not use MQL system. Graph 6: Fuchs began company of extensive Fuchs Petrolub of research and development and Fuchs group company to had done much research in the light of technology of new-style cooling fluid, and mix their cutting client, supplier and a few universities undertook applied actually in the light of MQL system and the refrigerant that apply to MQL system (graph 6) . MQL system is used special base oily (be based on floral man-made ester) with point additive, they already were used at circumstance of certain and specific application, gained certain success, and will continue be considered to use by Fuchs company and its clients. But, devote oneself to to build a complete dry type or MQL system workshop in cutting user before, they should consider the real case that concerns with all cost carefully. CNC Milling