CNC Milling machines the clamping apparatus of special spare parts

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The work that CNC Milling processes is compared commonly complex, often also use a few clamping apparatus, be helpful for improving treatment efficiency already so also benefit machines precision at assuring. When the spare parts that the author machines balance of a kind of electron in actual batch production, arrived to contain curvilinear semmetry part with respect to Ceng Yu, the problem that the opposite machines horn. In the light of this kind of spare parts I designed a fixture, when with this clamping apparatus the workpiece that hold clip undertakes machining, reduce the outfit clip of workpiece and fixed position time effectively, rose to machine efficiency and treatment precision, the value when workpiece batch is bigger is more overt. Below will specific elaborate consult in order to offer everybody. 1.

The problem puts forward CNC Milling to machine hanger spare parts (if the graph is shown 1 times) when the requirement pours horny 2mm × 45 ° , other working procedure has completed work, two bedding face had been machined, two aperture already boring treatment ends, outside circular arc surplus 2 ~ 3mm. In treatment of the requirement on CNC Milling circumjacent circular arc is mixed horn, clip of outfit side circular arc can be machined finish, but need pouring wine cup, install clip twice to just can be finished instead. Outside adding man-hour circular arc uses the milling cutter complete ply of diametical 40mm to machine, to improve efficiency not statified. : of specific treatment process? Xiang of ね of commonplace of  of ぜ  art  not  stay of proceedings just is   widow sunken stay of proceedings of adept of defect of crab of small   just does  of U dainty exhausted Piao carry? of extensive of sew of  of Qiang of stay of proceedings of Shan of  of play of correct of jab of ⒎ of planning Su  on the back to be met in machining a process exist the following? ? (1) workpiece is searching when existence is disadvantageous. From the graph 1 can see this workpiece can undertake locating holding clip with central Konglai only, and two aperture center connects make level the line is to compare take time, give or take a lot of trouble, it is batch production what is more,the rather that more. (2) calculates search workpiece, the problem also can appear in treatment, circular arc is controlled fortunately outside, but of both sides pour wine cup bad to assured. Often be openly treatment qualification, when the opposite is machined, the circular arc of the opposite can appear to cut the condition that does not cut at the same time too at the same time. (3) this workpiece basically every month should machine a batch, in 50 ~ 100 differ every batches. The place on put together is narrated, be necessary to design and make a simple fixture in machining a process actually, can make workpiece undertakes handy, fast, exact location holds clip, pour horny precision in order to make sure the circular arc precision when treatment is mixed, and structure of clamping apparatus do one's best is simple, make convenient, have certain versatility, can offer use for a long time. 2.

The problem analyses the work that processes a requirement to this kind, it is above all how to undertake well and truly locating holding clip, searching is crucial. Workpiece undertakes locating holding clip with two Konglai, use the method that one column sells commonly. So we used the clamping apparatus that the graph shows 2 times to have the outfit clip of workpiece, treatment above all. 1.

Bolster plate 2.

Columnar fixed position is sold 3.

Mouth pressing plate 4.

Nut 5.

The fixed position that cut a margin is sold 6.

T form piece graph 2 bolster plate the 1 workpiece that prop up, the circular arc outside be treatment takes knife space to cutting tool put apart, two aperture are machined by boring machine, make sure pitch is workpiece standard pitch. Columnar fixed position is sold 2, the fixed position that cut a margin is sold 5 use pressing plate of mouth of; of fixed position workpiece 3 can assemble and unassemble quickly workpiece raises efficiency;T form piece 6 secure clamping apparatus go up in workbench. Methodological move is as follows: (1) sells the fixed position that cut a margin close solid to be on workbench first. (2) sells bolster plate, columnar fixed position mount again, but columnar fixed position is sold cannot originally closely dead, it is certain to give a little however tighten force beforehand can. (3) uses dial gauge to search two sold center spool cotton, make its level, type numerical control machine tool. (4) mount workpiece, impaction pressing plate. (Machine tool of 5) numerical control executes the numerical control order that has woven, the circular arc outside be being machined above all, pour wine cup next. (6) debus workpiece, retroflexion come over to hold clip again, treatment opposite pours wine cup. Graph 3 it is graph of effect of workpiece outfit mix. After through a few batches of spare partses production is carried out, is my discovery still put in many problem: among them? ? above all, workpiece searchs, cutting tool is more troublesome still to the knife. For example: ? Yi of art  barren risks ぜ  angry  of storehouse of perch of reef of exacting of Ping straight Yu putting in order is able to bear or endure Xiang? and cut an edge to sell as a result of what use, search more disadvantageous, the error is compared sometimes big. Next, in machining a process as a result of whole workpiece, be to rely on two T form piece, bolt, nut, pressing plate undertakes impaction locates, close firm degree appears a little insufficient, the meeting below the in cutting force action in machining a process produces tiny displacement. Cause opposite outline to pour horn to often appear to have at the same time, the circumstance that does not have at the same time. Have again, once appear,clamping apparatus becomes loose, should undertake searching afresh again. To this kind of problem, I feel crucial to depend on clamping apparatus going up, clamping apparatus is not solved, efficiency, precision mentions have no way. Did to this clamping apparatus so improve further. 3.

The problem is handled so how to solve this kind of problem, so that we are in,efficiency can improve as far as possible in machining a process, increase clamping apparatus tigidity, my conception designs a fixture, can realize the following function: (1) clamping apparatus searchs to turning into however through circular arc no longer on the machine tool use dial gauge to search linear, this simplified a lot of. (2) combines part of a few clamping apparatus it is, reduced fixed position error, also increased tigidity. (3) changed clip to run the point getting power of force, rose to machine the stability in the process. Does the integral structure of clamping apparatus show: 4 times like the graph? ? course is improved, a big bolster plate was added below original clamping apparatus, this big bolster plate and the bolster plate with so medium clamping apparatus, will columnar fixed position is sold and cut side fixed position to sell 4 parts to synthesize an organic whole. To assure precision, use machining center to undertake be machininged carefully, does the key assure at 2 o'clock: ? Have illicit relations with of Qiu Shan male directly daughter-in-law smile bing4 ru4 gao1huang1 all  of the Ji austral  travel calls the storehouse? parallelism alignment error do not be more than 0.

015mm. Such clamping apparatus search when it is OK to need to seek right side with dial gauge only, and go to the lavatory to go easily. The verticality error of two cylinder of ② and underside of big bolster plate is more than 0.

015mm. If the graph is shown 5 times,in be machined actually the effect pursues. Graph move of the 5 methods after improving is as follows: (1) searchs clamping apparatus straight edge. (Machine tool of 2) numerical control executes the numerical control order that has woven, the circular arc outside be being machined above all, pour wine cup next. (3) debus workpiece, retroflexion come over to hold clip again, treatment opposite pours wine cup. Machine practice through a few batches of spare partses, the effect is very good, search to going to the lavatory to the knife, clamping apparatus whole is rigid good, semmetry pouring wine cup is even. Quality of spare parts exterior got a client reputably. 4.

The effect sums up this clamping apparatus to be in actual production application, rose to hold mix rate greatly, improved manufacturing efficiency, at the same time treatment precision also had assure. A contrast makes with the clamping apparatus after improving before we will improve (a batch of spare partses 50) : Use the clamping apparatus before improving: (In approving a spare parts to machine a process, 1) wants to search afresh at least 3 ~ 4. (2) because clamping apparatus tigidity is bad, cutting force cannot pass big, so occasionally must statified treatment. (3) often appears the phenomenon with inhomogenous horn, affect spare parts exterior directly. (4) machines a batch of spare partses 50 want the left and right sides 3 days. Use the clamping apparatus after improving: (In approving a spare parts to machine a process, 1) need not search afresh. (2) tigidity rises need not statified treatment. (3) pours wine cup even, the exterior is beautiful. (4) machines a batch of spare partses 50 one day is controlled partly, efficiency raises one times. This clamping apparatus still can be used on other similar work treatment, convenient, efficient, reliable. CNC Milling