The numerical control of small-sized double housing planer is transformed

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The numerical control that introduced planing machine is changed transform reach its CNC system. Control system uses the structure of PC bus line of open mode on hardware, design of modular, structuralization is used on software, bill of fare of graphical Chinese character is introduced on operation interface, have graphical process designing, list curve process designing, imitate to move, wear away automatically to knife, cutting tool control of treatment of compensation, real time and trends dog show wait for a function. Length is not columnar face lesserly, can use CNC Milling treatment, also can use line cut to machine (odd a production) . But after should be not columnar face to achieve certain length, with two kinds of methods above helpless or finished cost is too high. The rotor that is like vavuum pump of series collect Ci and collect Ci air-blower (the graph is shown 1 times, its are sectional contour line by multistage involute, epicycloid and circular arc composition, length is in 300mm above) , the lamina of model of impeller of pump of large water annulus (sectional contour line by multistage and linear comprise with circular arc, length is in 500mm above) . To get used to the treatment of the cylinder workpiece that sectional contour line is complex curve, development of author proper motion went to be based on the planer CNC system of IPC, the small-sized double housing planer that produces manufacturer to some vavuum pump undertook numerical control transform. The machinery of 1 small-sized double housing planer transforms the sketch map that the graph is shown 2 times is the numerical control planing machine that be transformed with small-sized double housing planer and becomes. The method that numerical control of small-sized double housing planer transforms is change the hand adjust tool carrier turns the numerical control that takes electromotor drive by the pace into tool carrier, z pace controls the tool carrier shift in perpendicular direction into electromotor, x pace controls tool carrier to make the same score directional shift in water into electromotor. The place installation that stands by slide block in slip base is close to switch 3 times, one is secured to be close to switch parallel to be in athletic process with 3 on slide block the slide block position that can be close to with 3 switch indicates piece (iron piece) , both and collective be used at way of slide block movement and position detect. Additional, one is installed on slip pair of simple and easy knife device. The course is laden (attrition force, moment of inertia) computation, next shift on drive tool carrier (Z reference axis) move with the left and right sides (X reference axis) the pace enters electromotor to choose 110BF003 respectively model with 130BF003 model. The pulse equivalent with these two mobile coordinate all is 0.

01mm. System of this numerical control uses structure of hardware of system of 2 planer CNC PC bus line, advocate the machine of 486CPU industry control that frequency is 100MHZ makes main engine, have a level the flashboard type construction with 16 data bus line and patulous agile function, can ask according to the system, undertake structural optimization is configured (graph 3) . Graph system of this numerical control uses structure of hardware of system of 3 planer CNC timer of / of output of collateral input of IO / TIMER() the motion that the 8255A on interface board will come to control two paces to enter electromotor, receive signal of select switch of signal of switch of spacing of slip return trip and positional sensor signal, tool carrier, function, the 8253 timer on interface board are used at the pace to suspend moving service program into electromotor, clock frequency is 2MHz. Software of system of CNC of planer of software of system of 3 planer CNC is platform with Windows operating system, use the C language process designing of modular, structuralization, the interface of systematic software used Chinese menu structure, man-machine interface is friendly, the operation is convenient. Particular structure is shown 4 times like the graph. This system software basically comprises by 3 module: Position of to program, cutting tool is adjusted and run control, divide stature module again in each module. 3. A true machine program authorized strength must pass module of 1 to program the following phase: To program, syntactic examination, imitate is emulated and the interference of cutting tool, cut an examination too. In system of this CNC software, machine program work out can use a variety of means: The graph is automatic process designing, manual process designing, list curve process designing. The data of list curve file and machine program can lose a person through soft drive or use full screen editor to lose a person through clavier, also can lose a person through serial communication interface. Graphical process designing includes the following measure: (1) the editor of outline curve is defeated by a person to operate an interface through seesaw pattern graph above all, after according to trend input of the curve each paragraphs of linear, circular arc, curve is inputted, can undertake modification, enlarge, narrow and wait for an editor to handle symmetrically. (2) beg slant buy curve is right above the curve that has edited, press the radius of point of a knife of the requirement, generate equidistant curve, slant namely buy curve. (3) automatic process designing will slant buy curve according to given precision asks to use undertake planning to close point-blank, change into G code machine program. (4) imitate is emulated move to run machine program with imitate run mode, show contrail of motion of point of a knife dynamicly. If machine program is proper, the contrail that imitate shows meeting and in front slant coincide of buy curve photograph. The process designing of list curve also is undertake below interface of graphical process designing. Read document of data of person list curve above all, according to the order of data file midpoint, photograph adjacent is nodded with be linked together point-blank, show come. Undertake on this foundation batten plans to close next, Guang Shunhe slants buy processing, ask by precision disperse becomes line of small Duan Zhi again, create machine program automatically. Process designing of seesaw pattern graph and imitate are emulated move, make the work out of complex curve and list curve machine program not only efficiency is tall, and convenient, intuitionistic, reliable. Graph structure of software of system of 4 planer CNC 3. 2 run those who control this CNC system to move to basically include the following kind: Move automatically, fast and airborne travel, hand is moved move to be moved with the dot move. Moving automatically is part of core of CNC system moving pilot, it moves by machine program. If be in,last processes a statement instruction that carry out is M32, criterion cutting tool makes intermittent feed motion according to the reciprocate signal of slip; If be M33, make successive shift, the reciprocate signal of slip is not effective to it, make fast and airborne travel namely. In treatment if slip stops reciprocate, criterion the feed motion of cutting tool also stops. This one function can make the operation of planer of worker continue to use is used to, pass those who control slip reciprocate to open those who stop campaign of feed of control tool carrier stop. A type of local school in ancient times of voluntary movement travel by downstage with tiring-room two parts are comprised, tiring-room program finishs collateral mouth 8255A and timer the executive frequency that coding of the initialization of 8253, instruction, control suspends service program (speed adjustment) , time-out, odd Duan Heqi moves trends of contrail of control, treatment to dog show and coordinate retroflexions show; Downstage program is to suspend service program, it basically finishs interpolation operation, pace to take electromotor running control, litre fall fast control, accept slip to go back and forth between the signal with positional sensor. The intermittent feed exercise of cutting tool is completed in the return process of slip. Slip goes back and forth between the feed of cutting tool, can have set through function key or revise, the least value is 2 pulse equivalent. The another function that runs a program automatically is to be in press " is successive when " function key, the intermittent feed of cutting tool can become successive feed; When this function key is raised, cutting tool recoverable intermittent feed. When blank of rough machining wool, as a result of mental allowance inhomogenous, some places may make empty feed, it is OK to use this function sudden jump here, improve treatment efficiency greatly. Fast and airborne travel also controls cutting tool movement according to machine program, but it is to make move continuously. The relative position that can check cutting tool and work semifinished product through it affects, decide thereby the first time the position of cutting tool height of treatment. Frequent hollow moving program also is by before, two parts comprise tiring-room, its structure and the structure that run a program automatically are similar, just interrupt service program not to suffer slip to go back and forth between athletic control. Be in in select switch run condition automatically to fall, the dot moves a function to be able to act well in the return of slip only, it is OK that successive and mobile the biggest displacement measures cutting tool set. This function was brought to machine the cutting tool position in the process to adjust convenient. If be when penetration of a cutting tool is too deep, the sword is carried below the circumstance that can not stopping to machine. According to the choice, the hand uses the control that moves to also can suffer slip to go back and forth between motion, make intermittent motion. The hand moves a function to be able to be used at planar treatment, and need not process designing. This kind of means was brought for planar treatment convenient. The planer CNC system that author of 4 last words develops with proper motion undertook for the small-sized double housing planer of some enterprise numerical control is changed transform, realized pump of series water annulus successfully production of big batch of the treatment of impeller blades model and rotor of vavuum pump of series Luo Ci, machine efficiency not only tall, and treatment quality is stable and reliable. Through in last few years be improved ceaselessly and perfect, this CNC system already had real time to machine control, graph automatic process designing, complex curve and list curve plan to close, process designing, cutting tool wears away to be emulated compensation, automatically to knife, imitate with treatment orbit dogs show wait for a function. System of this planer CNC, the numerical control that applies to small-sized double housing planer not only is changed transform, the numerical control of the planer that also applies to other form is changed transform. CNC Milling