Automation transforms 5 when be enterprise synergism classical solutions

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Review the progress of domestic and international manufacturing industry, automation transforms the position with be being held significant in its production process. Take-over as automation equipment labour market, more and more enterprises are devoted into transform at automation in, and cut body experience transform the material benefit that brings for the enterprise to automation. Labor is concentrated model enterprise to automation transition it is inevitable trend, our country assumes office in the road of automation heavy and the path is far, boreal steel couplet follows to analyse the classical solution that 5 automation transform together below. Setting group course of study: Nuclear tests project: Automation changes appearance to detect group of the nucleus in equipment some unit, consider to give priority to with nuclear physics, maintaining mysterious sex to the outside all the time, the develops the strategy and boreal steel couplet war industry aptitude of confluence of the army and the people of profit from country, this enterprise opens wide a gate eventually, stepped the first pace that automation transforms. Well-known, advance copy of nuclear raw material has dangerous sex personally, accurate and radioelement, complex space environment, accurate operation, have extremely high demand to personnel. Detect to change a scientist to be in what operate in glove box to change pattern craft, the dangerous sex that reduces artificial test, small effect sex and inaccuracy, be aimed at especially detect artificially the solution that craft offerred automation to detect: Use machinery arm wants place workpiece places workpiece frame board on, through the level the left and right sides of mobile orgnaization moves and upgrade the fluctuation of the orgnaization runs implementation to workpiece detect automatically (precision ± 0.

05) and change. Workpiece detects after ending, expect mechanical arm takes away workpiece below, change next need detected work. And equipment of a complete set of has: Workpiece reachs the designated position detect, be short of little call the police reach personnel to enter the processing system of of all kinds lash-up such as test division by accident. Graph the delivery that sketch map of 1 equipment whole should cover equipment, will originally 5 are in charge of carrying out, supervise, statistical identifier member decrease to 2 people monitoring, huge saved valuable manpower resource, increased to examine the dependability of the result, to make international first-rate advanced lab had typical demonstrative effect. Setting 2 industries: Fireproof material project: Finalize the design home of firebrick automation product line one of leading sheep that company of some large and fireproof data is firebrick industry, held many market share by right of high grade aluminium magnesium brick. As a result of in recent years the topological features is nicer, market demand is huge, but crop cannot satisfy the demand that increases increasingly. Company high level puts forward: Develop in order to reform hurried, try ascensive tactic in order to innovate, will finalize the design aluminium magnesium brick is semi-automatic change product line to transform for full automatic turn product line. Have artificial production technology to be: Metage of the makings on powdery makings, powdery makings enters press mould, press works, take a pattern, clean mould, finished product detects, those who rely on boreal steel couplet to be designed to be the same as type magnesian carbon firebrick is full automatic the rule of thumb that turns product line, what have a solution in the light of existing craft is custom-built. Graph the craft of 2 automation product line pursues the success of this line is transformed, came true original the series connection of 5 product line, reduce worker amount by 30 people to 6 people, automation says to reached fluctuation makings to assure the consistency of raw material again, improved bricky form quality, 3 times above rises before crop comparing was not transformed, promoted aluminium magnesium to finalize the design product competition ability of the brick, consolidated the market position of the enterprise, the accord that achieved company high level reputably. Setting 3 industries: Sensor makes an item: Automation of smoke feeling sensor assembles group of product line SOLOON is to basically be engaged in fire control calling the police the new-style high-tech enterprise of extinguishing system of system, gas. Of the company advocate sensor of battalion product fire control is collect exploration smoke, dirt, light, report at an organic whole exceed new-style sensor, have nicety, flimsy, cost costly wait for character. Suffer this effect, before the need in production is in carefully artificially small-sized line presses aperture on road board accurate insert receive, spot welding, retroflexion, cut etc, efficiency is low, and be put in solder mouth the not firm, phenomenon that assembles a mistake happens, also be huge test to human body physical ability, easy cause visual exhaustion. Couplet of steel of north of have the aid of assembles the case experience of the respect in automation, SOLOON group searchs them to seek a help. Graph what sketch map of assembly line of automation of 3 smoke feeling assembles product line is overall decorate a design, the rationality of system of mature technological process, the advanced sex of equipment. Solder use 5 axes to solder robot; Each electron component, reach fittings to all be used shake dish of accurate output; Undertake by robot of 3 axes capture capture is assembled; Whole product line needs 1 person monitoring only can. The put into production of assembly line of smoke feeling automation metre by 115s/ rise to 85s/ , and leave out of 65% artificial, return the frequent switch that can realize different specifications sensor to assemble. This technology applies to the disperse type production of small lot, much breed, and still have potential development value, applicable at for example: PCBA circuitry board, of confidential letter of electric electron fittings, small-sized spirit assemble with production. Setting 4 industries: Chemical project: Calcium carbide gives oven unit automation to transform calcium carbide to apply extensively at the respect such as industry, agriculture, medicine, use electric heat law to produce calcium carbide more commonly, namely calx and the raw material that contain carbon (coke, anthracitic or oil is anxious) inside calcium carbide furnace, high temperature of support electric arc fuses reaction generates calcium carbide. In original production technology, operation personnel adorns suck oneself filter type is dustproof guaze mask, wear chemical safety to defend glasses, wear chemistry to defend take, wear balata glove, undertake going out expecting operating before calcium carbide furnace, have huge menace to artificial safety. To make man-machine friendly model double win manufacturing mode, give material composition to have mechanical, electric improvement in the light of calcium carbide furnace. Before machinery transforms: Burn formerly wear implement placing motive form up and down secure lengthen lever composition by pedestal of lengthen lever join with a hinge and kryptol. Worker hand moves fluctuation to swing kryptol secures lengthen lever rear to let its circle roll of axis of join with a hinge of pedestal of lengthen lever join with a hinge to realize fluctuation to swing. After machinery transforms: Purify former hand moves circumgyrate and fluctuation to place motive form, according to practical technology affirmatory movement carries out device. Circumgyrate movement comes true by dynamoelectric sole plate, around swings by servo dynamoelectric crock comes true, circumgyrate and swing can pass remote control handle long-range and accurate control, swing not to have concussion smoothly, answer speed fast. Graph 4 automation give material composition sketch map electric before transforming: Machine giving heat is all component movement all passes pushbutton, remote controller, hand to move an operation in the spot by operation personnel, distance risk source is very close, face risk of burnable, scald. Electric after transforming: Increase machine giving heat to handle a function remotely, use all right with function of original field work. The system is will long-range control, long-range video monitoring is compositive at in accuse room, operator controls rocker through the operation, picture of video of real time monitoring can complete operation giving heat. Graph 5 furnace implement control network develop attacks graph this solution basically is aimed at worker safety, undertake ameliorative to producing an environment, in original give heat implement undertake on the foundation, machine giving heat can be satisfied to have an action after transforming by in accuse the room is long-range center operation, long-range monitoring, give makings spot unmanned value is defended, make staff member of a gleam of is far from dangerous source, create favorable working environment. Course of study of setting the five elements: Elevator makes an item: System of elevator litter door is full automatic changing product line XIZI UHC is a company of new and high technology that devotes oneself to elevator research and development, in elevator manufacturing industry owns higher share, but the producer type of elevator component stays in however work with what give priority to artificially concentrated model on mode, with the intelligence that develops increasingly production strategy photograph is contrary to. For the change on the west child the manufacturing mode of elevator tradition, boreal steel couplet regards enterprise intelligence as production strategic adviser, according to active production process and craft, while pursuit makes product line of surveyor's pole of elevator litter door, rise hard assemble efficiency and product line crop. Graph system of door of 6 elevator litter is full automatic the way that changes product line sketch map to use raw material to carry AGV car and automation acetabulum device to move in coordination expects on the automation that finish, with servo machinery the arm undertakes automation tap, of gyro wheel on makings criterion uses vibration dish. To assure to assemble flatness, calibration apparatus is set on product line framework. This assembly line uses clamping apparatus of a fixed position to place those who manage same type to hang board, because this is aimed at same type,the time of litter door switch that different OP is worth is 2 minutes; Of door of different type sedan change time is 3 minutes. This plan achieved the demonstrative effect of product line of surveyor's pole of elevator litter door not only, improve efficiency at the same time to 12 seconds / group, economic and artificial 23, ROI (investment yields than) achieve 1: 5. Case of integrated above series sees not hard, automation equipment does not have outside include facility of a few standards: Of all kinds hardware, carry system, labour to accuse system of component of machine, pneumatic, hydraulic pressure, mechanical arm to wait; Still include the facility that be not mark: Custom-built equipment, automation controls automation private plane, automation equipment. Have standard equipment and blame mark facility machine couple, form one a complete set of to produce a system, according to established order, all components coordinate motion, achieve the goal that production requires, it is automation is transformed. Well-known, company automation upgrades transformed risk is very big, if research and development fails, enterprise losing is charge of research and development not just, still have the opportunity cost such as the shutdown loss that causes accordingly. How can you make sure transformed tall success is led so? Numerous real case experience tells us, company automation upgrades the key that transforms a success is to find have research and development the supplier of aptitude of the sophisticated equipment that be not mark, find have standard and system of the equipment that be not mark the supplier of compositive ability. If can be found,have above at the same time the supplier of two big aptitude and ability, so company automation upgrades transform a success will success will come when conditions are ripe, get twice the result with half the effort. Automation is transformed is not to do what look to others " beautiful frame work " , not be one be ignorant of more follow suit industry 4.

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