Agricultural the design of cutting tool of bore of car frame carling

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Graph 1 graph 2 graphs 3 my factories use to be able to rise fall drilling machine of workbench much axis gets 4 via that cut treatment farming to use car frame carling to go up (2 F62mm aperture, aperture of F50mm, F47mm each one) . Frame carling is 120 × 50 × 3.

5mm rectangle is in charge of, material brand is 10Ti, the positional dimension of the aperture on carling is shown 1 times like the graph. Begin to use standard twist drill to carry out auger cut treatment, because rectangular tube wall is thinner, the vibration when bore is big, efficiency is low; Hind broach advocate cutting blade blade is ground for form of crescent moon circular arc, make broach head forms 3 needles to nod (2) seeing a picture, main You Ren is pointed (advocate cutting blade and node of deputy cutting blade) the place around participates in cutting, although bore efficiency relatively standard twist drill rises somewhat, but because cutting blade is thinner, phenomenon of incidental collapse blade, and broach diameter is bigger, blade cross spends big, time to grow, influence bore machines efficiency. Machine efficiency to rise, undertook optimizing designing to bore cutting tool, the cutting tool after improving is shown 3 times like the graph. top of cutting tool blade cutting part makes type of boring razor blade, install clip to be in arbor; F8 standard twist drill installation is in arbor center, centering effect has in treatment. Bit and broach the position in arbor can pass heavy head bolt to undertake according to machining wear out condition adjustable adjust; Wear away like bit and broach serious, can take out from inside arbor undertake blade is ground, because bit and broach dimension are lesser, blade is ground easy, convenient; When holding a knife, can use special right knife piece makes sure cutting tool machines dimension. Bit material chooses W18Cr4V of common high-speed steel; Cantilever bridge form is extended outside after bit is installed, be, the basis defies a turn, fight twist strength demand, sectional dimension designs bit to be calculated for 8 × 8mm(process summary) . Manufacturing practice makes clear, use this kind of new-style broach to machine frame carling effect admirable. Machine carling of a frame with the broach before improving (drill 4 hole) average man-hour is 6 minutes, use new-style broach to need 3 minutes only, treatment efficiency raises one times, and bit does not have collapse blade phenomenon, oscillatory, noise is not had when bore small; Bore quality also rises somewhat, surface roughness of hole wall surface can amount to Ra6.

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